Upcycled Tee Shirt Bag DIY


How many of you have countless amounts of tee shirts lined up in your drawers? Why not transform your tee into something you’ve been eyeing in stores…a cute rocker chic tote, for example. Here at M&J we’re always looking for ways to amp up our clothes. Since it is Earth Day we felt it was the perfect time to recycle something old and make it new again. We were immediately inspired after coming across this  tutorial, and we decided that revamping one of our many old tees would make a perfect Earth Day DIY.



Tee Shirt (we used a black one)

12mm x 8mm iron-on Skull Nailheads (leftover from our Alexander McQueen Inspired Bag DIY)



1 1/2″ Polyester Mono Ribbon 


Lay your shirt on a flat surface. The first thing that you will be doing is cutting the bottom off.
NOTE: The amount you cut off will determine the size of our bag. We only cut off an inch but if you are looking to create a smaller bag feel free to cut off more.


Using your ruler mark off 6 inches from the bottom of your shirt and lay the ruler across the width of the shirt.
Create small 2 cm cuts from the bottom of your shirt extending to the ruler


The bottom of your tee shirt at this point should look almost like a fringe with wide strands hanging down.


Once the bottom of your shirt is completely cut into a two-layered fringe, begin to pull and knot the front and back strands together.



Gently pull the completed bottom to stretch out the bag


Use the same cutting method for the sleeves of of the tee.  This will be a decorative detail on the finished bag.DSC_0429

Cut identical slits extending from the end of the sleeve to the shoulder.


Pull these strands as well.


Knot each of these strands together except for the first one that is closest to your collar. The strands you have not knotted will be a hole through which you will slip the bag strap.


At this point your tee shirt should look something like this:DSC_0448

Since we had our iron-on skull studs leftover from our Alexander McQueen Inspired DIY we ironed them onto the tee shirt to add an extra pizzazz.



We used our 1 ½” Polyester Mono Ribbon as a strap.  We pulled the 1 1/2″ Polyester Mono Ribbon through one sleeve of the tee and over through the other tying the ends into a knot.




And there we have it: a tee-shirt-turned-bag that we can now reuse and wear out on the town.


If you made any eco-friendly DIYs, embellished something old, or transformed a garment into something new…share it with us!  We love getting inspiration from our readers and seeing all your great ideas and DIYs.  Happy Earth Day!

We’re Recycling our DIYs for Earth Day Part 1


This Earth Day we’ve opted to recycle something…our DIYs. The M&J blog has been around since 2008 and we’ve been donning out useful information, tips and tricks since then. For those of you who have just started following us enjoy these DIYs for the first time. For those who have been reading along since the beginning look at how far we’ve come. We’d love to see some of your very own upcycled fashions. We felt it was only appropriate to highlight some of our favorite refashioned DIY’s of the past.

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Applying Nailheads Tutorial
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Revamp His Shirt for Her
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Refashion your BlazerRefashion your denim blazer

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Studded Home Decor


Furniture shopping has evolved in recent years. The time where selecting a black, brown or tan couch is long behind us. Now home owners are truly looking to personalize their space. Studs are gender neutral giving off both feminine and masculine traits. Studs are edgy without being too over the top. Since studs coordinate with many colors the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorite studded home accents.
Check out our selection of Studs and Nailheads at MJTrim.com

Urban Outfitters Sapphire ChairUrban Outfitters

Target Studded OttomanTarget

Pottery BarnPottery Barn



Blogger Highlight: Triple Max Tons


When searching the web for cool ways to use our iron-on trims, we discovered Triple Max Tons.  She has tons of cool DIY projects and even features other blogger DIY projects that she loves!  We fell in love with her site when we discovered her awesome tutorial on how to create your own nailhead headboard!  We definitely want to use this nailhead trim to recreate the look!

DIY Nailhead Trim Headboard


DIY Jewelry Display



DIY Art Print Wall


New ’4 Ways to Embellish’ Feature!


What a Fashion Week it has been!  From all the live streaming runway shows to all of the DIY inspiring streetstyle, we had so much fun!  It completely inspired our team to run around our store picking up tons of cute studding embellishments and finding our top 4 ways to use them! This is going to be a cool new feature on our site and we hope all of you lovely readers like it.  Make sure to check out our selections of iron-on studded trim, iron-on nailheads, spike chains, and our screw-on spikes! And let us know…which is your favorite?!






Inspirational Handbag Embellishments!


By Blerona

The Handbag Collective Pop-Up on Friday, August 19th was a spectacular event. M&J Trimming was excited to be part of the seminar, educating new designers on how to create their best handbag with M&J Trimmings. And for those who couldn’t make it, I thought I would  send some inspiration your way!

When you think of handbag trimming’s what comes to mind-  D-Rings, handleschains and buckles? Take a closer look. Trimming on handbags are everywhere, they are the little details that make the bag beautiful and unique. The feathers, fur, nailheads, leather detailtrinkets and pendants. The unique buckles, hidden snaps, metal, shell, and novelty buttons, zippers, pop-pom and Leather Fringe, and some Swarovski sew-ons of course; truth is I could go on forever. Depending on the designer you never know what kind of trim you will find. Take a peek at your own bags to see what I mean!

 Here are some inspiration photos of displays we had the Handbag Collective Pop-Up!

Nailhead Giveaway!


This week’s giveaway is all about the Nailheads!

We’re giving away an assorted bag of M&J’s most popular item- NAILHEADS! 

Here’s How to Enter:

Follow Us on Twitter and tweet to us by finishing this sentence - “I love using @MJtrim #Nailheads on… “ for a chance to win this week’s giveaway!

* Be Sure to add our twitter handle and #Nailheads Hastag*

We’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook Friday, August 5th after 1pm EST

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this Giveaway!

Studded Leather Bracelet


By Blerona

I am loving the brights, neons, and I’ve always been a fan of leather and spikes. So I combined them altogther, and came up with this spiked up bright leather wrap bracelet, Perfect for Spring!

1″ Genuine Leather Trim Item# 81499 in Ivory/Teal/Yellow
Small Spike w/Screw ½” Item# 37160 in Silver  
14mm Magnet Fastener Item# 42094 in Silver
Ruler / Pen

Written Steps

  • Measure the leather trim around your wrist, it should wrap around twice or however much you want. Then cut.
  • The fastener has two parts, each goes on one end, but on opposite sides (See Photo). Cut to slits and push prong through and use the scissors to push them in for a finishing look. Then do other piece the same way.
  • Adding the nailheads is the easiest part. Use enough spikes to fill up 1/3 of the leather trim. My entire leather trim measured 14” so I only used 9 Spikes. Take a pen and ruler and mark every half inch (see photo)
  • Poke holes on the marks and insert the screw, then screw the nailhead on. Repeat these steps till you fill up 1/3 of the trim. And it’s ready to wear.

Tutorial: Applying Iron-on Nailheads


By Blerona

So if you haven’t noticed from some of my previous blogs, I’ll let you in on the secret. I’m in love with Iron-on nailheads! I did a little DIY on my jean shorts for my winter vacationwardrobe, and I decided to show you step by step instructions so you too can have fun DIY-ing your clothes and accessories. Here are the super easy steps.

What you’ll need:

Step1: Place you jeans on a flat surface and create your pattern.

Step2: When you created you pattern/design set iron on high no steam.

Step3: Place a cloth carefully over you nailheads. (Without moving the nailheads)

Step4: Place iron over cloth and hold for 2 -3 minutes. Make sure all nailheads are attached to your jeans, otherwise repeat this step.

Step 5: Add more iron nailheads to fill up the heart.



Step6: Repeat step 3 & 4

And you’re finished! Happy DIY’s