Polka Dot Dyed Dress DIY


We’re crazy for polka dots here at M&J, and if you haven’t noticed we’ve been dip dying a lot lately. We’ve combined our passion for polka dots and our dip dying skills to create this adorable dress.

H&M Pink Dress
Pencil Eraser
Rit Dye



Lay your shirt out on a flat surface.

Dip the back of your pencil into your dye making sure it is heavily saturated.


HELPFUL HINT: The back of your pencil will be used like a paintbrush while the dye will be used like paint.


We opted to outline the dress with a polka dot pattern, but have fun with it!




Dip Dyed Tank DIY


H&M Basic White Tank Top

2 Buckets

Rit Dye  in Purple

Rit Dye in Blue


Following the Rit Dye instructions, we combined the RIT dye blue powder with 2 cups of hot water, and 5 cups of lukewarm water in order to fill one bucket.

1. DSC_0135

We also filled another bucket with a purple Rit dye powder.

Dip half of your tank into a bucket of blue dye making sure it is fully saturated.

2. DSC_0137

Now, dip the middle portion of your tank into the purple dye.

3. DSC_0143

4. DSC_0159

Squeeze any excess dye out into either bucket letting the colors run.

6. DSC_0158

Wash out your tank until the running water becomes translucent. This will indicate the dye has set in and will not run.

8. DSC_0153


Tie Dyed Scarf DIY




Basic White Scarf
Rit Dye
Rubber Bands

Lay your scarf onto a flat surface.
1. DSC_0101

Slightly pinch the middle of your scarf.

2. DSC_0102

Once you have identified the middle region, begin twisting the fabric as shown.

3. DSC_0103

This will create a spiral tie dyed design.

4. DSC_0105

Carefully fasten your scarf with rubber bands making sure the folds stay intact.

5. DSC_0111

Dip your scarf into the dye saturating all areas.

6. DSC_0113

Squeeze any excess dye out of the scarf.

7. DSC_0114

Wash out your scarf until the running water becomes translucent. This will indicate the dye has set in and will not run.

8. DSC_0132

Take out your rubber bands and let your scarf dry.

ScarfBe sure to send us pictures of your creations!

Dip Dyed Stripe Beach Bag


We’ve been coveting a striped beach tote all year long. Instead of purchasing one at a nearby department store, we’ve opted to create one using a solid bag and our very own RIT dye.


H&M Bag
Spray Bottle
Rit Dye



Lay your bag on a flat surface. Using your tape, create even stripes wrapping all the way around the bag. NOTE: The exposed portion of your bag will absorb the dye.

1. DSC_0053

Press the tape down making sure the fabric is protected.

2. DSC_0056

Once you are happy with the striped pattern it is time to prepare your dye.

3. DSC_0074

Following the Rit Dye instructions, we combined the Rit dye powder with 2 cups of hot water, and 5 cups of lukewarm water in order to fill our bucket.

4. DSC_0063

Since we didn’t want to dip our bag into the bucket and risk ruining our design, we dipped a spray bottle into the bucket. By spraying our bag with the dye we were able to control the amount of liquid that may have seeped under the tape.

5. DSC_0072

Continue doing this for both sides.

6. DSC_0081

Once the bag has dried, remove the tape and there you have it! You’re one of a kind striped beach bag!

7. DSC_0096

Glamping DIY Inspiration


Camping may not be your thing, but glamping may be. For those of you that may not be aware, Glamping = Glamorous + Camping. We had our doubts at first too, but this trend has caught on rather quickly. Instead of going to a fancy resort, recreate your own glamping experience in your backyard with fun and easy DIYs.





DIY Picnic Basket



Summer Beach Bag DIYs


Beach Essentials Check List:
1. Bathing Suit
2. Sunscreen
3. Towel
4. Umbrella
5. Reading Material
6. Snacks
7. Beach Games
8. Sunglasses
9. Bug Spray
10. Wallet

The only thing missing is a cute way to tote around all of your belongings.
Go to the beach in style with these DIY summer beach bags.

0.chicsteals_diynetbag_openingphotoChic Steals Summer Net Bag DIY

beach-towel-blanket-diy-tote-bag-summer-projectDIY Enthusiast Towel Beach Bag

duct_tape_bag_finalClever Thursday Duct Tape Beach Bag

Between the Lines Beach Bag DIYBetween the Lines DIY Beach Bag

Dip Dye Street Style Edition


Here at M&J we can’t take our eyes off anything and everything dip dyed. The instant color boost screams summer, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Whether you’re dressed in black head to two, or rocking many shades at once, a dip dyed accent will be sure to take your summer look to the next level. This trend has been going strong for quite some time, so why don’t you dip in?

STREET STYLE_dip dye denim



DIY crew neck