Sizzling Shoe Fashion Inspiration


Add spikes, beads, ribbons, buttons, or even appliques…Regardless of what you decide to add to your shoes, they may not be the craziest thing we’ve seen lately. This year we’ve seen shoes like never before. Designers have been transforming entire looks with a mere statement shoe. What kind of shoe DIY will you create?


Ribbon Shoes

Metal Ankle Strap

Jimmy Choo



Step into Spring

Spring is here and we’ve been seeing some stunning shoes gallivanting around the city. The footwear market has been nothing short of perfect so far. Each shoe we’ve seen has more and more embellishments on them. Some shoes are almost too pretty to wear. Rather than indulging on something costly, revamp an old pair with some of our trims. They will be one of a kind and wallet friendly.

Chloe Leather Fringe Loafers
J.Crew Smoking Slippers

Marc Jacobs Leather and Snakeskin Pumps
Marc Jacobs Leather and Snakeskin PumpsSam Edelman Yara Chunky Heel Sandal
Sam Edelman Yara Chunky Heel Sandal
SchultzSchultz India Suede Sandals