Seeing Stars DIY Roundup


With all of the meteor showers, eclipses, and astrological phenomena happening recently it’s no wonder our heads are up in the exosphere! Inspired by above, we’ve been on the lookout for some of the coolest star DIYs in the galaxy, and we think we’ve spotted them! image16-550x825A constellation art piece makes for a fun conversation piece in the home, and can get your guests talking about astronomy or astrology in no time!

15A constellation table runner is great for evening dinner parties, especially if the party is in celebration of a celestial event!

IMG_6234_copyWho knew such beautiful lights could be easily made at home? Make them for your next star party with this tutorial!

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c366ee8a4970b-800wiTake the start with you wherever you go with this awesome constellation scarf!

8965824689_cee0cbfa83_oHolding a fall star gazing party? Make sure you spot the right stars with a printable constellation guide!

Favorite DIYs from September


September brought a lot of fun and fashionable DIYs to the table, and it was hard not to get swept up in the excitement of the month that also happens to coincide with Fashion Week! Now that September is coming to a close,we look forward to creating some of the awesome DIYs that we saw throughout the month. DIY-Pearl-collar-and-sleeve-t-shirt-We adore this t-shirt from Love Maegan because it’s super simple, but the pearl accents take it to the next level.

DIY-Giant-Gem-Rings-1-600x900DIY your own bling with this tutorial from Studio DIY! These funky rings are great for birthdays, Halloween, and any other event that calls for outrageous props!

screen-shot-2014-09-09-at-7-53-44-amMiss Kris Turner created a sweatshirt that’s perfect for bringing some sequined style to the chillier fall nights!

10654847_677255675699554_1165292889_nErica Domesek of PS I Made This created a colorful and timely veil that looked almost identical to Angelina Jolie’s, and we were lucky enough to have her in the M&J Bridal Salon recreating this stylish and sentimental look.


Labor Day DIY Roundup


Ready-Set-Splash-Balloon-Pool-Party8-600x900A balloon filled pool party is the perfect way to make that final splash before you winterize your pool!

happysummer_printables_05Add some final summer fun to your party with these yummy printables!

citrus-coasters-4-425Keep your surfaces from getting cloudy with these fun citrus coasters!

lawn-jenga-1Take advantage of your gorgeous green yard with your favorite games in larger-than-life sizes!

No-Sew Pillow DIYs


Pillows are one of the absolute easiest ways to add new energy to a room. They’re also one of our favorite methods of introducing color trends into a room! Making a pillow to spruce up your home is easy enough for those of us with sewing machines, but if you don’t have one handy, not to worry! All of the DIYs below can be created without a sewing machine!

gold-hello-pillowSend a message with a metallic screen-printed pillow!


Calligraphy is a trend that’s taking the design world by storm! Keep your space current with these fabulous calligraphy cases!

DIY-No-Sew-Pillow-CoversWith this tutorial any fabric can become your favorite pillow case without any needles or thread involved.

431This DIY features a 3d flower that will make a statement on any sofa!

NoSew-10This ruffled pillow DIY will instantly add femininity to your space.

Bookish DIY Roundup


Books are a wonderful way to escape from the mundane, dive into a new adventure, and ultimately spark creativity. We hope that the creative spark from reading will ignite you to make the DIYs below that are either inspired-by, made from or used for books!
Wallpaper Covered Books from A Merry Mishap

Do you love cohesion in your home decor? Wrap your hardcover books in wallpaper a la A Merry Mishap to give them a harmonious vibe!

Sweet Paul Book Shelf

If there’s a vintage book that’s beyond repair, make it into a shelf with this fabulous tutorial from Sweet Paul Magazine!

Clutch Made from a Book from Wishes at 11:11

Take your favorite book with you wherever you go with this Book Cover Clutch from Caroline Womack!

Book Planter from Wednesday Custom Design

Go green with this cool Succulent Book Planter from Wednesday Custom Design! Succulents are a great choice for beginning gardeners because they don’t need much maintenance or watering!!

Book Binding 101 from Design Sponge

If you prefer not to DIY using books, you can always DIY your OWN books with this tutorial from Design Sponge!

So which book-themed DIY will YOU be making this weekend? Stay tuned because we will be showcasing our own bookish DIY this Tuesday!

Award Show Party DIY Roundup


The Golden Globes just passed, the Oscar nominations have been announced, and the SAG awards are this weekend. We’re in award show season people! Which means everyone will be huddled around the television screen to see who wore it best, who came with whom, and who won the awards! If you’re all going to be together anyway, why not make it a party? Here are some fun DIYs to create just in time for your award viewing party!

DIY Award Themed Photo Booth from She Knows

Feel like a star with this award-themed photo backdrop from SheKnows! Are you ready for your closeup?

Rhinestone Necklace from Glitter n' Glue

Award season is when stars bring out the BIG bling. Although it may not be Cartier, this rhinestone necklace from Glitter n’ Glue is most definitely red carpet worthy. The best part is that you can rock this neck ice while wearing pajamas and you’ll still look fabulous!

Drink Charms from HMH Designs

These drink tags from HMH Designs are perfect for making all of your guest feel super special! We’ll take a handful of the Mrs. Clooney ones please, and hope for the best.

Confetti Dipped Balloons from Studio DIY

These confetti dipped balloons from Studio DIY are one of our favorite DIYs when party time swings around. We LOVE them! They aren’t specifically for awards shows, but you can customize the colors and confetti to fit whatever theme you’re going for! Swag Boxes from Kristi Murphy

These little Swag Boxes made by Kristi Murphy are the cutest sendoff for party attendees. Why should celebs have all of the fun? Fill each box with delicious treats, and tie them up with a satin bow!

Which of these crafts will you be including at your viewing party, or will you be watching the award shows solo while DIYing? We would love to see your ideas for the upcoming events!

Here’s to Hot Drinks!


When cold weather strikes, the first things we reach for are our cozy winter blankets and socks, and then we make our way into the kitchen to warm ourselves from the inside out with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or even a hot toddy if we’re battling a cold. Here are some of our favorite DIYs inspired by, using, or related to hot drinks!

Tea Bags for Loose Tea from a Beautiful Mess

Catch that loose leaf tea before it can make a break for it! Bad jokes aside, bagging loose tea is a terrific idea if you want to enjoy a specific tea flavor anywhere and anytime. This easy DIY from A Beautiful Mess makes tea time even more adorable.

Coffee Can Organizer from Leethal Magazine

Remember when we gave you some organizing tips for the new year? Well this yarn organizer is perfect for the caffeinated and cluttered. Reuse those old coffee cans and organize your life!

Polka Dot Mugs from Framed Frosting

You’ve probably seen the baked marker mug DIYs online. This is a fun metallic version from Framed Frosting, and it will surely make you smile every time you see it. Polka dots are a known smile-inducer. Fact.

Shrimp Salad Circus Patio Coffee Set

This ombre coffee set from Shrimp Salad Circus is a must-make in our book. It’s perfect for sharing and enjoying a hot drink with someone special!

Une Touche de Rose Girly Mug DIY

Glam. That’s the word that comes to mine when you see this gorgeous mug from Une Touche de Rose. Who needs rings when your coffee mug has its own bling?!

So how will you be upgrading your hot drink routine?

Celebrating Subzero

These past few days have been painfully cold, and while we would love to just hibernate in our beds for the rest of winter, we have things to do! Carpe diem and what not. So instead of hiding from the frost, embrace it! (Not literally please.) Here are some beautiful DIYs that you can create with the help of your friendly neighborhood polar vortex!

Ice Marbles for Winter

Ice Luminary from Design Mom

Both of the DIYs above are made using frozen balloons! So head to the dollar store, grab any ol’ pack of water balloons and start DIYing!

Christmas Ice Wreath from Founterier

Bird Feeder Frozen Ornaments from Henry Happened

Want to make a cool outdoor ornament or wreath? What better to make it with than ice?! The only things you need for this DIY are water and nature. The best part is that you can make these into frozen bird feeders too!

Ice Candles from Henry Happened

These candles got their crater-y appearance by being mixed with ice. This is a great way to re-purpose those almost-empty-but-smell-too-good-to-throw-out candles.

So will you be celebrating the icy chill in the air by making some temperature-appropriate DIYs? Whatever you decide, be sure to bundle up! It’s almost too cold to function!

Memorial Day DIYs for the home

This Memorial Day why don’t you dress up your house in a classic red white and blue motif? These all American colors can be used together or individually to create an updated presence in your home. Each of these easy to follow DIY tutorials will allow you to introduce the colors into your home without looking as if you stepped into the White House.

Pillowi candy handmade made a cozy Pillow Flag

Place SettingDIY Simply Made created this fun Denim Place Setting

WreathThe Scrap Shoppe created a very Patriotic Wreath

memorial day goodie bagsThe Sweetest Occasion made these sweet Memorial Day Goodie Bag

Bringing in the 2012 New Years Eve right! – Part 1


Hey friends!

I’m Olga from M&J Trimming. I’ve been here for a few months and I’m very excited to write about my very own first DIY project experience! Now to put things into perspective for the readers who feel that they’re not creative enough to do their own DIY’s, this is literally my FIRST DIY project, ever. Except for sporadic art projects here and there in grade school . I’ve always admired other peoples work but felt I didn’t have what it takes to make my own. Well M&J not only proved me wrong, but ignited a creativity flame within me. So I have one thing to say to the self none believers; If I can do it & love it, you most definitely will!

To those who haven’t had the opportunity to come into our New York City show room, the rumor is true! This place is amazing! I didn’t know where to look first. It was overwhelmingly exciting and inspirational. With the holidays quickly sneaking up on us, I thought what would be better than designing your very own party accessories! This adds a personal touch to your party and wow’s your friends with your creative ability, killing two birds with one stone!

The inspiration for my project came from the very controversial Mayan 2012 “Doomsday Theory”.  It’s something that almost every person has heard of. And whether you believe or not, you can’t deny that it’s in interesting and perhaps humorous topic. For those who aren’t familiar with the Mayan theory, it states that according to the Mayan Indians the world will end December 21, 2012.  There are many theories as to how it will happen but I know one thing for sure, theories such as these won’t stop me from having the best New Years Eve yet! That is why the Mayan Indian culture inspired my DIY party accessories project. Because what’s better than bringing in the New Year with bright and beautiful colors, patterns, and sequins!

My Inspiration

Project 1

Mayan Pyramid Name Place Setting

  • 3” Assorted Mini Indian Feathers #54130 in Multi
  • Ribbon – Your choice of color
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Paint

How to:

1)      Cut out three long strips of paper.  All 3 different sizes. Each about 2 inches thick.

2)      Fold each strip into 4 pieces. Piece each strip together like a square.

3)      Cut out a square piece of paper to cover the top of each new square you made.

4)      Cover the outer edges of each square with different fabric.

5)      Stack the boxes on top of each other in the form of a pyramid

6)      Cut out paper into angled in piece. Attach smaller end to the top of pyramid. Let the other side drop. This will give an illusion of stairs.

7)      Cover the top of the pyramid with feathers

8)      Fold a very small piece of paper in two. Paint it gold. When dry write person’s name at the top

9)      Paint the parts not covered by the fabric gold. Allow pyramid to dry.

Project 2:

2012 Mayan Party Mask (Venetian Style)

  • Thick paper
  • Scissor
  • Gold Paint
  • Pencil
  • Popsicle Stick
  • #42902 Sequin Skull and Cross Bones
  • #34076 Ombre Stripe Velvet Lt.Blue/Royal
  • #88739 Sew on Jewels
  • #54130 3” Assorted Mini Indian Feather – Multi
  • #42642 Straight Hackle Pad – Turquoise
  • Black Sharpie

How To:

1)      Trace out “2012” on the paper then cut it out.

2)      Paint the number gold. Let dry

3)      Outline each number with black sharpie after the gold paint is dry

4)      Glue on jewels to embellish each number

5)      Take the mini feathers and place them in a fan shaped arrangement.

6)      Glue the arrangement to the lower half of the turquoise hackle pad.

7)      Take the new arrangement of feathers and glue an inch and a half of the bottom (stems) to the back center of the “2012”

8)      Place the skull patch on top and glue in on.

9)      You can continue to embellish however you desire.

10)   Take your pencil and wrap the velvet Ombre Stripe until you can no longer see any more of the pencil.

11)   Attach wrapped pencil to either the left or right back side of the “2012”

12)   Take you Popsicle stick(s) and glue it across the back of the “2012” for more support

13)   Your 2012 party glasses are ready to wear!

Project 3

Mayan inspired “Hostess” necklace

  • Scissors
  • Mini Indian feather – Red
  • 4MM Braided Vinyl Bolo – Aqua
  • 8MM 60” Faux Pearl PKG – Ivory
  • Thick Cotton string

How to:

1)      Take the aqua vinyl bolo and hot glue it into your desired shape

2)      Make sure you attach a thick cotton string to the left and right of your necklace centerpiece

3)      Decorate the necklace center piece how ever you desire.  I added feather pieces, pearls, rhinestone, and added gold paint for a Mayan touch.

4)      Bead the pears on the strings of each side. When each side has enough pearls take the hot glue gun and squeeze a line of glue across the back side of the pearls from the first to the last.

5)      When the glue hardens, take more cotton string and wrap it in between the center of each pearl.

6)      You’re ready to wear your beautiful new creation!

If you loved  these ideas then I’m pleased to announce that I will be doing a part 2 for this Mayan inspired party theme! I will be decorating “his and her” champagne toast glasses, making napkin rings and giving ordinary silverware a Mayan make over! I hope you’re as excited and inspired as I am for a dazzling 2012 New Years Eve!!