What’s New in December


This month we’ve stocked up on some amazing items that are ideal for making a very stylish DIY. This accessory is perfect for pairing with pants because it keeps them in place. It can be made out of many materials, but is most commonly made with leather, and usually has a fixture on the front to make it adjustable. We’re talking about belts! We’re sure that our beautiful new trims and buckles will guarantee that a handmade belt will be on everyone’s holiday wish list!

Tri-Color Trim from M&J Trimming

These tri-colored trims consist of three vinyl braids sewn together. We love the idea of a fun colored belt with a modern buckle.

Embossed Trim from M&J Trimming

These beautiful embossed trims are ideal for an understated belt with a little bit of edge, and this style comes in six colors, from tame neutrals to a vibrant green! Why not pair this trim with this buckle?

Buckles from M&J Trimming

We got a LOT of fantastic buckles in this month, and we think they’re perfect for pairing with our braided trim! We particularly love the 2″ Crescent Buckle with Prong and the Bottle Opener Interlocking Buckle!

So we know what we would make with our latest treasures, but what would YOU make? Would you embellish a pair of boots or a bag? Add the braided trim to an accent pillow? We would love to hear your DIY ideas, or better yet, see them!

Project DIY: Joan of Arc Your Way


If you’re new to Project DIY, it’s a craft subscription box service that brings runway style to your door! (It also happens to be the most creative gift of the season.) The best part about this subscription is the fact that the projects are totally customizable. Here are a few of our favorite customizations of the Joan of Arc collection by our subscribers!

Joan of Arc Shield Necklace from Annamartinah

Check out the stone placement on this Shield Necklace from Instagram user @annamartinah! The silver nail polish used on the necklace gem really pulls together the mixed-metal look.

Carla Marie

Even Carla Marie from Z100 got in on the fun! We love how she placed the circles in the flowers!

Joan of Arc Projects from Mandersbal

Now THIS is what we call customization. Check out the assymetrical placement of decals on this shield necklace by Instagram user @Mandersbal!

Joan of Arc Projects by Mommy Splurge

Blogger Brandy of Mommy Splurge used nail polish to color the stone on her Shield necklace. The finished look is so regal!

We love seeing your take on ProjectDIY collections so keep posting! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Quick Thanksgiving Decor DIYs


So the food is all prepped and the family is on their way, but your decor leaves much to be desired. Here are some quick DIYs that will make your home festive for Thanksgiving.

Corn Husk Wreath from Home Edit

This wreath made using corn is so festive with the addition of the husks! They’re like nature’s ribbons.

Thanksgiving Garland from A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess never fails to impress. This Thanksgiving garland gets straight to the point with its typographic approach.

Gold Leaf Garland from The Sweetest Occasion

We love these festive gold-dipped leaves from The Sweetest Occasion. If you don’t want to make them into a garland, you can stick them on the wall with double-sided tape, or keep them on their branches and place them in a vase or jar.

Pumpkin Centerpiece from Glitter 'N Glue

 This colorful little pumpkin from Glitter and Glue makes a really pretty centerpiece! Using floral foam helps the flowers fresh for days, and keeps your dinner guest from getting drenched in case it gets knocked over!

Pumpkin Place Cards from Today's Parent

These little ombre pumpkins are so easy to make, anyone can make them! Recruit the kids table to help you out with this DIY.

Which of the DIYs above will you be using to transform your house into a festive family haven? Have another suggestion? Leave it down below!

Catching Fire DIY Roundup


The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Catching Fire is now officially in theaters, and SPOILER ALERT! we can’t wait to see Katniss kicking butt in the Hunger Games again.  We seriously love the powerful tough-girl vibe of her character. (Probably why we also picked Joan of Arc as the inspiration behind November’s Project DIY collection.) We couldn’t help but round-up a few DIYs that have that same rough and tumble feel to them. We’re sure Katniss would even jump in to make a few!

The Hungry Games

Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled
Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled

Hosting a Hunger Games dinner party? These arrow napkin rings from Ruffled are so perfect. They’re simple and frill-free, just like Katniss. Now that you have your decor figured out, what are you planning on serving for dinner? Better take a trip to the Hob!

Beat the Odds

Hunger Games Pencil Toppers from Popper and Mimi

Sass up your stationary with these silver “arrow” pencils from Popper and Mimi! Whether you’re using them to doodle, take a test or do your taxes, may the odds be ever in your favor.

On the Hunt

Cell Phone Holder from Morning by Foley

We don’t think they have any cell phones in District 12, but if they did we have a feeling Katniss’s would look a lot like this one from Morning by Foley. Probably a little less pink, but we took some creative liberties.


Mockingjay Bracelet from Geekphoria

If you’re a true fan of the Hunger Games, you’ll want to sport this DIY Mockingjay bracelet from Geekphoria proudly! Imagine the variations you could make with the suede cord and chain from our store!

Understated but Not Underestimated 

Golden Arrow Ring from Sincerely Kinsey

This leather glitter arrow ring from Sincerely Kinsey is the perfect accessory to wear to the Catching Fire premiere if you’re fond of an understated look. The ring features a lot of the story’s prominent elements without making you look like a super crazy fan even if you are underneath. We totally are.

We can’t decide whether we’re more excited to finally see Catching Fire or make the DIYs above! Are you a Hunger Games fan too? What DIY will you be making in honor of the movie?

Gucci-Inspired Belt DIY with Carlos


Working at a store like M&J Trimming it’s hard not to become completely overcome with creativity! This place is really a DIYer’s dream. That’s why when Carlos saw this amazing green and red canvas ribbon, he knew exactly what to make with it: a Gucci-inspired belt! Learn how to make this stylish belt with just a few items, and in only a few minutes!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:
2 2.5″ Bamboo Rings

35MM Polyester Webbing

A Striped Grosgrain ribbon or Jacquard ribbon for a vintage touch. You can order this style (55160) by giving us a call!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Measuring | M&J Trimming1. For this project we’re using printed ribbon, and lining it with webbing to make it sturdier. The webbing can also be used by itself for a fun solid belt. Line up the webbing and ribbon, and measure how much ribbon you will need by wrapping it around your hips and adding six inches.

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Gluing | M&J Trimming2. Once you’ve cut the ribbon and webbing to your desired length, glue them together using a hot glue gun or E-6000. If you’re using a glue gun, work in sections. This way the glue won’t dry before you’ve reached the end of the ribbon!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Bamboo Rings | M&J Trimming3. Take the two bamboo rings, and loop the belt through them. Glue the end of the belt down past the rings. There should be a little bit of wiggle room between the two rings.

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Carlos | M&J TrimmingExtra step: If you want to make a belt loop for your belt, take a piece of that patterned ribbon and glue the two ends to the back of the belt, while making sure to create a loop on the other side. Make sure you can fit your belt through the loop before gluing it down!

What did you think of Carlos’s quick and easy belt tutorial? This belt is a great way to jazz up any outfit!

DIY: Button Necklace


We may be in the minority here, but we love cold weather! There is nothing better than curling up in a sweater while sipping hot cocoa. But bundling up in layers makes it pretty hard to show off those dainty jewelry pieces that were so popular in the summer. And forget about wearing any cute little layered bracelets because they’ll make pulling down those cardigan sleeves impossible! If you still want to accessorize your style this fall/winter, take the dramatic approach and make statement with a bold button necklace!

Button Statement Necklace Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Thick felt

Jump rings

Small hole puncher

Scissor #40324

Needle #43224 & Thread #42681

16mm Striated Metal Chain #36953

Buttons We Used:

Metal Button w/ Dots #40810

2-Hole Ridge Metal Button #54964

King’s Crest Metal Blazer Button #57331

Animal Print Metal Button #48608

Cross SymbolBlazer Button #58403

Metal Fashion Button #23605

Hammered Metal Button #39747

4-Hole Metal Button #54965

Domed Buds Metal Button #36761

Antique Button w/ Shank #43672

Ornate Metal Button #49004

Metal Button w/ Shank and Floral Design #38726

Half Dome Lion Blazer Button #58811

Folding Felt in Half Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

1. Take your piece of felt, and fold it in half.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

2. Cut into a half-arc shape, making sure the folded edge of the felt stays intact.

Layout for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

3. Unfold your felt, and lay out the buttons to create a pattern.

Sewing Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

4. Sew on each button. Some of the buttons are pretty heavy, so make sure you sew each button on a few times to ensure it will not fall off.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

5. There may be extra felt around your button pattern. You can either leave it, or trim around your buttons. Whatever you decide, make sure you leave some felt on the end of your necklace for your jump ring and chain!

Making Hole for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

6. Using your hole punch, place a hole on each corner.

Attaching Jump Ring for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

7. Attach the jump ring and chain. Repeat on other side.

Completed Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

Now that your necklace is done, wear it with any of your cold-weather attire for a bold and beautiful look!

Remember Movember

It’s November, and you know what that means. Mustaches are everywhere! In honor of Movember, a month-long event during which your man friends sport mustaches to bring awareness to prostate cancer and health, we thought we would compile a list of mustache DIYs. This way you can still take part, even if you can’t physically grow one!

The Key(chain) to Cool

Mustache Keychain | Etsy Russian Team

While you may not be able to upgrade your ride in half an hour, you can definitely upgrade your keychain! These simple leather mustaches are quick to make, and cute to boot. 

Baby ‘Stache

Baby with Mustache | The Paper Seed

They say that kids grow up too quickly nowadays. That’s hogwash. Look at how cute babies look with mustaches! Make these pacifier mustaches, and snap a bunch of pictures!

Real tip: These are just novelty items, and shouldn’t be used without adult supervision.

Popular Props

Mustache Photo Prop | My Calico Skies

Everyone knows that the most fun prop in a wedding photo booth is the big handlebar mustache. Why? Maybe it’s an easy way to try out the style without having to grow one out yourself. (Those things take some SERIOUS maintenance.) Whatever the reason, now’s the time to make your own, especially if you have a party coming up! Mustaches are always a hit!

Mustache: The Natural Nose Warmer

Mustache Face Warmer | Sans Limites Crochet

This face warmer from Sans Limites Crochet is the warmest way to wear a mustache! Make one today to battle the blistering cold of the seasons, and look super adorable. Two birds, one stone.

Mean Muggin’

This video shows you how to make your own mustachioed mug! Who knew it was so easy to personalize your dishes?!

Stylish Stationery

If you put a mustache on something, people will take you more seriously. That’s like a well-known fact, which makes this pencil case the perfect addition to your serious office, serious backpack or serious craft room. Seriously.

Are you taking part in Movember, or do you think that mustache DIYs are just too cute to pass up?

DIY: Metallic Lace Napkin Rings


We’re heading into party season people! If you’re stuck on what to get the host of your next party, what about some one-of-a-kind napkin rings? Here are two ways to spruce them up, and personalize them for your gracious host!

Silver Spark

First we have a beautiful silver napkin ring featuring a bold button accent!

Silver Napkin Ring Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Metallic Lace #35269

Metallic Lace #36873

Rhinestone Button


Needle and Thread

Silver Lace | M&J Trimming

1. Place the thinner lace trim on top of the thicker lace trim.

Measuring and Cutting Metallic Lace | M&J Trimming

2. Wrap the metallic lace around your napkin for sizing, and cut off any excess.

Sewing Together Metallic Lace | M&J Trimming

3. Sew together the lace ends.

Sewing Rhinestone Button to Metallic Lace | M&J Trimming

4. Take your rhinestone button, and sew it into the center. Make sure your seam is in the back!

Completed Silver Napkin Ring | M&J Trimming

Voila! You have a silver napkin ring that is fit for royalty!


The next napkin ring is more simple, but just as exquisite! It features gold lace with gorgeous rhinestone accents!

Gold Napkin Ring Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Fine Metallic Lace #56482

Light Colorado Topaz SS30 Flatback



Needle and Thread

Measuring Gold Lace Trim | M&J Trimming

1. Wrap your metallic lace around your napkin for sizing.

Cutting Gold Lace Trim | M&J Trimming2. Cut to the proper length.

Sewing Gold Lace Trim | M&J Trimming

3. Sew the ends of the metallic lace together.

Gluing Rhinestone Flatbacks | M&J Trimming

4. Glue flatback rhinestones into the center of the circle designs on your lace trim.


We love the pattern on this lace, and the addition of rhinestones make the circles look like tiny suns! How cute is that?

What’s YOUR party decor style? Do you like rich extravagant details, or do you prefer the understated approach? Let us know below!

Be the Host with the Most


The late fall and early winter are THE times to have the most amazing parties because there are so many great holidays to celebrate with friends and family on the horizon. If you’re thinking of planning a party or hosting a small get together, we have a few tips to make your event go off without a hitch (or as few hitches as possible).

Pink Party Table with Peonies from Daily Crush

Thanksgiving Buffet Table from the Blue Bird Patch

Act Early

The earlier you start planning and doing, the better. Don’t leave things to the last minute, especially when it comes to the menu! This isn’t the time for creativity, make something you’ve already mastered or at least attempted with a high rate of success in the past few weeks.

Banana Pop Station from Bakers Royale

Gold Dipped Pumpkin from Cupcakes and Cashmere

It’s All About the Details

Little details are what people really remember from a party. Whether you decide to dip your pumpkin place cards in gold or wrap your napkins in lace trim, adding unique touches to your gathering really stays with the guests.

Sean Parker Wedding Vanity Fair


It’s a scientific fact that people love theme parties. Not only do they make the party more fun for the party-goers, it also narrows down the decor and dining options for the host. In all cases (except for trimming) too much variety can be overwhelming. We really like the medieval theme for this holiday season!

Confetti Dip Balloons from Studio DIYParty Confetti

Enjoy Yourself

If you’re the host, you’re probably going to feel like you have to be taking care of your guests all of the time. Remember that these are your friends and family, and this is a party. You’re meant to enjoy it!

Do you have any party planning tips for our readers? Let us know below, and for more party planning inspiration click here!

DIY Roundup: Autumn Decor


While we love decorating for Halloween, all good things must come to an end, even a roll of fabulous vintage jacquard ribbon. Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to replace some of those ghoulish gourds and creepy creations with bright and warm fall decor. Here are a few of our favorite DIYs for autumn!

Ring of Fire

Autumn Wreath | Better Homes and Gardens

You’re probably thinking you’ve seen one wreath, you’ve seen them all. Well this one really caught our eye. It captures the colors of fall beautifully, and we love those bright Chinese lanterns! It’s easy to make with the instructions on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Rustic Elegance

Jute and Lace Vase | M&J Trimming

This jute and lace vase is just as cute as it was when we made it last year as a host or hostess gift. Fill it with sprigs of autumn leaves to really embrace the season!

Decorative Dish

Fall Leaf Bowl | Shelterness

Why shouldn’t bowls be seasonal and stylish? This fall leaf bowl from Shelterness is a great for holding treats, or as a catchall for keys. It also makes a great gift!

What a Hoot

Autumn Owl Decorations | A Beautiful Mess

Are you an avian aficionado? Make one of these cute little owls from A Beautiful Mess. Even a bird brain could do it!

Brown Bag Bouquet

Brown Paper Bag Flowers | A Place for UsThese beautiful brown flowers are made using an unlikely source: paper bags! Visit A Place for Us to find out how to make these thrifty and rustic fall decorations!

We hope we’ve inspired you to create some new decorations for the season! If you have any great ideas for fall decor that you think we would love, share them down below!