Blogger Highlight: Kelli Murray


When we discovered Kelli Murray, it was love at first sight.  If you followed our blog last year, then you know headbands are our weakness and Kelli makes the coolest DIY headbands!  She is, also, an illustrator, a lover of the great outdoors, and she makes the simplest yet most unique painted DIYs we’ve seen in a while.  Below are some of our favorite DIYs of hers and make sure to check out her site for more!

DIY Hand Painted Tent Cover


DIY Feather Headband


DIY Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls


Blogger Interview: Sugar & Cloth


After featuring Sugar & Cloth a couple weeks ago, we were so pleased to have the opportunity to chat with the genius behind the blog, Ashley.  She let us in on what some of her favorite DIY products are and who she got her DIY genes from!  Read on to get a peek inside the mind of a great DIYer!


How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?

I started blogging when I had just gotten married and moved across the country away from all of my friends and family. It was my way of staying accountable to be creative.  I’ve always loved DIY’s, which I think I picked up from my dad who would always rather make than buy something.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?

Magazines, shops, craft supply shops. etc. A lot of the projects I make are things that I couldn’t afford from the store, but that could be easily recreated.


Which of your DIY projects are your favorite?

I really love the marquee letter DIY, my DIY no-sew sequin camera strap, and the branch clothing rack.

What are some of your favorite upcoming DIY trends?

I really love anything sparkly right now, especially with snowy weather!

What advice would you give to beginners looking to DIY for the holidays?

Try projects that are simple, but pack a big punch. You don’t want to spend too much time crafting instead of enjoying the moment.


What are your DIY must-haves?

Glitter, spray paint, chalkboard paint, hole punch, twine, the list is endless haha!

Blogger Highlight: Creme de la Craft


When we discovered Creme de la Craft’s amazing DIY Moroccan-inspired candle holders, we had to browse her entire blog for more creative DIYs.  Boy, were we not disappointed.  She’s extremely creative and her DIYs are always festive, cute, and effortless!  She even has a ton of DIYs that are perfect for holiday gifts and decor!

DIY Sprinkle Gift Toppers


DIY No Sew Pillowcase Tote Bag


DIY Mosaic CD Ornament


M&J Trimming in New Dress A Day’s new book


We love when bloggers use our products to create special pieces for their wardrobes and homes. We really began to blush when we got a copy of New Dress A Day blogger, Marisa Lynch’s new book The Ultimate DIY Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift-Store Don’ts.  Marisa was kind enough to send it along with a little note letting us know how much she loves M&J Trimming but the real ‘melt our hearts’ moment happened when we saw her shoutout to M&J in the book!

1 NewDressaDay_cover

2 NewDressaDay_mj_mention

We can read her shoutout over and over and never get bored with it (Thanks Marisa!).  In the book, she gives detailed tutorials on how to fix and update your wardrobe with various trims.

3 NewDressaDay_look1

4 NewDressaDay_look2

5 NewDressaDay_look3

We can’t wait to see all of you try out these New Dress A Day DIYs with our lace, beaded, feather, fringe, leather, and ribbon trims!  Some of our ribbon trims are now half off, too!  Make sure to tweet us your pictures if you do.

Blogger Highlight: Freshly Picked & Cyber Monday Deal


If you haven’t stopped by Freshly Picked yet, you should definitely check it out. Susan creates incredible leather DIYs, as well as many other stylish projects for the home. We absolutely adore her DIY leather packaging bow, and we’re dying to replicate her DIY glitter skull votives. We gathered some of our favorite projects below, but don’t forget to stop by Freshly Picked to see more!

Also – don’t forget that we have an awesome Cyber Monday deal for you! Take 25% off sitewide! This excludes gross packs of rhinestones, but everything else is fair game. Just use code CYBERSOCIAL at checkout and you’ll receive 25% off. Hurry, offer expires tonight at 11:59 PM EST!

DIY Leather Packaging Bow

DIY Ombre Bag

DIY Origami Lights

DIY Glitter Skull Votives

Blogger Highlight: Elisa McLaughlin


Elisa McLaughlin is a crafting genius, and we’ve been reading her blog ever since we stumbled upon her DIY lace headband. She creates pretty, delicate DIYs, and we keep coming back to her blog to see her new projects. Check out a few of our favorites below, and head over to Elisa McLaughlin to see more!

DIY Double Strand Lace Headband


DIY Dreamcatchers

DIY Bow Tie Ring

DIY Pom Pom

Blogger Highlight: Lexy Levin


How cute are these DIYs by Alexa of Lexy Levin? We’ve been seeing her fairy dust necklaces all over the blogosphere, and now we’re thrilled that we found her lovely blog. Alexa’s photos are always beautiful, and we love scrolling through her whimsical DIYs and recipes. Stop by Lexy Levin to see more!

DIY Fairy Dust Necklace

DIY Map Letter Decor

DIY Cupcake Toppers

Blogger Highlight: Between The Lines


We found Pascale’s blog, Between The Lines, when we stumbled upon her DIY Animal Key Chains, and we’ve been addicted to her DIYs ever since. Pascale creates usable, lovely DIYs that don’t look like DIYs at all! And we love the way she works with leather – she creates everything from leather bags to leather bracelets. See some of her DIYS below, and stop by Between The Lines to see more.

DIY Folded Leather Basket


DIY Leather Flower Bracelet

DIY Colorful Clothes Hanger

DIY Bohemian Belt

Blogger Highlight: Inspiration and Realisation




Inspiration & Realisation has been one of our favorite DIY blogs for a while now. Donatella creates incredible DIY projects that are based off of designer pieces, and we can’t get enough of her helpful tutorials. One of our favorites is definitely her DIY flamingo beach tote – isn’t it adorable? See our favorite projects below and head over to Inspiration & Realisation to see more!

DIY Rope Bracelets




DIY Flamingo Beach Tote

DIY Rope Trivet




Blogger Highlight: Rock Mosaic



Lately we’ve been obsessed with the DIY blog Rock Mosaic. Gina Michele makes trendy, designer-inspired DIY projects, and she also shares her adorable outfits on her blog. We especially love her DIY wrapped headphones – isn’t that such a good idea? Head on over to Rock Mosaic to see more of her awesome projects!

DIY Wrapped Headphones


DIY Knit Cat Ear Hat

DIY Snake Earrings

DIY Sunburst Jeans