DIY: Beach Hat with Ribbon Detail


This week make yourself a hat that you’ll be using every weekend this summer! Take a simple canvas hat, add a little embellishment, and you have a fun accessory to bring to the beach. We used a striped grosgrain, but you can use anything from jute to beaded trim to personalize your headpiece! DSC_0039

Plain Beach Hat

1.5” (38mm) Stripe Grosgrain



DSC_0040 1. Glue the beginning of the ribbon to the back of the head.

DSC_0042 2. Continue glue around until you reach the point where you started.

DSC_0044 3. Cut the extra ribbon, but leave a little extra to fold over.

DSC_00464. Glue the final piece down so it connects to the other piece. Let dry.




Summer Backyard Escapes


If you’re yearning for summer, these backyard spaces will have you even more eager to have the season begin. Lazy days spent in any of these backyards are sure to recharge you for the week ahead. From string lights to upgraded sheds,when it comes to making a beautiful backyard space, it’s all about the details .







Balmain Best Of


Swedish fast-fashion giant, H&M, just announce a collaboration with Balmain, a fashion house known for its elaborate intricacies. In anticipation of this exciting collaboration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks from Balmain. Which is your favorite, and what do you hope to see from this upcoming collection?


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DIY: Nautical Wreath DIY


Memorial Day is this weekend, and that marks the unofficial start of summer! Get your home ready for the sunny days of summer with a warm summer wreath! We used a basic wreath and wrapped it with ribbon and jute to give it a fun nautical feel.



Wooden flat circular wreath

1.5” Heavy Apron Tape

Small Tubular Jute

1” Stitched Grosgrain

7/8” Grosgrain Ribbon


Hot Glue

 DSC_07701. Take your apron tape and glue the tip down on the back of the wreath.

DSC_07742. Start wrapping around the entire wreath until you meet the area you started with.DSC_07773. With the excess tape create a continuing loop for hanging the wreath once it is complete. Glue the end to the back and cut excess.

DSC_07864. Take your jute and glue the tip into the back of the wreath under the tape.

DSC_07915. Wrap around wreath until you reach the end. Cut and glue tip into the tape behind the wreath.

DSC_07926. Create two bows with the red and navy ribbon. Glue red one down and then the smaller navy one on top.


DIY: Party Name Cards


If you’re a party planner at heart, you’ll love this DIY. Impress your guests with three different place cards; perfect for a tea party, spring wedding, or birthday.

DSC_0517 Card 1


Card Stock Paper

SS12 Crystal

SS16 Light Colorado Topaz


Crystal Katana


DSC_05241. Cut a strip of paper about 8 inches long and an inch high. Cut the top in a wave starting from low to curving up to a hump and back down to a curve.

DSC_05282. Take the end and fold into a Z shape. Repeat on the other size. This will create a little banner.

DSC_05313. Cut small triangles out of both sides.


4. Take your crystals and glue down in the corners. Let dry.

Card 2


Card Stock Paper

3/8” Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon

1/4” Reversible Stitched Satin Ribbon

Hole Punch


DSC_05401. Cut your card stock into a rectangle. Fold in half.

DSC_05432. Punch a hold at the top where the paper is folded.

DSC_05453. Add ribbon through the hole and tie.

Card 3


Card Stock Paper

7/8” Paillette Floral Trim


X-Acto Knife



DSC_05521. Take you paper and cut into a rectangle. Cut the tip of the paper on an angle.

DSC_05532. Take your x-acto knife and slice a thin line going down the cork. This is where the paper will slip into.

DSC_05593. Cut a flower of the trim and glue on to of the cork. Let dry.


Beach Accessory Inspiration


The summer is swiftly approaching, and Memorial Day is just a few weeks away! So before you grab your hat and sunscreen, check out these must-have beach accessories!








Inspiring Embroidered Art


Let embroidery inspire your weekend with these beautiful works of art using a needle and thread as a brush with paint. We love the diversity of the shapes and colors used, and the way artists pair the thread with such unique canvases.

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Spring Fashion Essentials


This spring there are a few essentials we think everyone should have in their closet. These pieces are timeless, fun, and perfect for the season! Which items are on your spring essentials list?

During spring florals transcend the the landscape and make their way into closets everywhere. Celebrate the season with a blooming floral piece, whether its a skirt, blouse or a full dress!

f0a7199c49dd934b615be86efdedf4efWhile white is usually a go-to for summer, we’re totally into breaking this style out a little early; especially when the ensemble is all white like this one.

8fb64b0568d78479890a597b40e2744cA wide-leg palazzo pant is just the thing you need to keep you comfortable and stylish this season!

4bb2ecd8e94cc00d8690b89265974726Stripes are a classic pattern that often pops up right around spring, and this spring is no exception! We love the clean lines and the casual-chic style associated with this particular pattern.

fb471f5e28c6044a432ce1e73d258d56 A super saturated skirt is a must for a vibrant spring outfit! Pair it with a contrasting color for a bold pop, or mix it with neutrals to let it really shine.


Met Gala Recap


Last night was one of fashion’s favorite events: the Met Gala. This year’s theme was China: Through The Looking Glass, and it definitely brought out some daring looks.

554821287df477df32ed0630_met-gala-2015-rihanna-dress-breakoutRihanna stunned in a couture dress created by Chinese designer, Guo Pei.

1430782824_solange-knowles-zoomSolange Knowles wowed the crowd in a dynamic, circular Giles dress.


karen-elson-met-gala-2015-best-dressedKaren Elson looked stunning in a vibrant red gown with an embellished gold bodice.

bee-shaffer-met-gala-2015-best-dressedBee Shaffer was the picture of elegance in her deep red gown.

fan-bingbing-met-gala-2015-best-dressedFan Bingbing looked absolutely elegant in a sequined gold dress, but it was the embellished cape that really stole the show.