4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Neon Elastic Athletic Suit


If you’ve perused any swimsuit website this season, you’ll see that strappy neon suits are all the rage right now! We love the look of neon and black, especially for summer, so we decided to create our own version of this trending suit using a basic black bandeau and fun neon elastic. With the addition of so many straps for support, this bathing suit is perfect for the active girl on the go!DSC_0185Materials:

Black Bandeau Bathing Suit Top

5/8” Neon Foldover Elastic


Needle and Thread

 DSC_01861- Turn your bandeau over and carefully cut of the three straps or the amount of straps the bathing suits has.
DSC_01892- Measure the new elastics that will replace the ones you just cut. You might need less elastic since the thickness of the new elastic is thinner. Sew in the same spot where the previous elastic was.DSC_01933- Turn the bandeau over and measure the elastics for shoulder straps.
DSC_02014- Take two of the colored elastics and sew from the inside of the front to the inside of the back of the bathing suit. DSC_02035- Take the last elastic and sew from the inside of the front next to the first elastic from the center. Cross the elastic for the back part and sew on the inside of the back of the suit.DSC_0240

Khaki Clothing Inspiration


When it comes to summer style, many of us want to jump to extremes. And while we all love a dose of neon, there’s something refreshing about a cool neutral that look like it was taken right out of safari. We’re loving khaki for summer because of its versatility and neutrality. Plus it can make you look like you’re the most stylish glamper on the planet. So whether you’re rocking a light jacket, a pair of pants or even a dress; embrace the khaki this summer.Ralph-Lauren-Spring-2015main.original.585x0The looks at Ralph Lauren killed it in khaki with accents of lemon yellow!

1aba36ee200b81f2f39342c5cd884442This jumpsuit from Altuzarra had the perfect pocket ratio for a style that’s utilitarian chic.



2ccb17b348605bf2d82b13b6597235d7Models know best when it comes to style, and these muted neutrals really let natural beauty shine.




DIY: Sew-On Chain Earrings


If there’s any season to whip out your most outrageous looks, it’s definitely summer. Summer is the time for extremes: neons, brights, lavish accessories, dewy skin. And when it comes to accessorizing for the season, we like to wear one or two pieces to make a huge impact. Make your summer outfit shockingly stylish with a neon jewel and chain earring!


4mm Metal Chain

Assorted Acrylic Sew-on Jewels



Jump Rings

Blank Earring Base with Hole

DSC_02651. Measure your chain how, and cut it to the length you want it to dangle.

DSC_02662. Take your pliers and unhook the links.

DSC_02693. Attach one side of the link to the jump ring and connect to the blank earring base hole. Close jump ring.

DSC_02734. Glue your sew-on jewel and to the center of the base. Let dry.


DIY: Rhinestone Button Pins


If you ever need to add temporary elegance to an outfit without cutting, sewing or drastically altering a piece; this is the DIY for you! We used an array of rhinestone buttons to create pins for a cardigan. You can add these pins to a blazer, a canvas bag, or a hat! We love the instant dose of sparkle these flashy pins bring, and the fact that they’re removable and reusable doesn’t hurt either.DSC_0131

What You’ll Need:

Moonstone Rhinestone Button

Crystal Star Rhinestone Button

Dark Crystal Rhinestone Button

Rhinestone Heart Button

Five Petal Rhinestone Flower Button

Blank Pins


Wire Cutter
DSC_01341. Take your wire cutter and cut off the shank part of the button.
DSC_01362. Put some E6000 on the blank part of the pin. Take a button and put on top. Let dry.DSC_0212



We all know about the classic LBD, the little black dress, but what about it’s fun and flirty summer-specific cousin, the little white dress. This season bloggers, bohemians and beachgoers are going crazy over the little white dress. The ideal LDW is light enough to use as cover-up on beach vacation, can be dressed up to wear to dinner out, and comfortable enough to be worn when exploring the cobble-stoned streets of any exotic city. Whether it’s slinky, lacy or flowy; there is a LWD that deserves a spot right next to the LBD.






faa55ef898eea578806e62ac6934f800 (1)


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DIY: Wire Silk Headband


Keeping your head feeling and looking cool during the summer doesn’t have to be hard! We created an adorable silk headband that hides a secret weapon. Inside the headband is a wire allowing you to manipulate the headband however you want! It also makes the fit completely customizable. You can keep your hair out of your face while the summer heat is blaring, all while looking totally chic.
DSC_0064 Materials:

2” Midori Dupioni Silk Ribbon

16 Gauge Wire

Needle and thread or sewing machine


 DSC_00661. Measure the Dupioni ribbon around your head leaving extra in order to twist once wrap is complete. Once you have your measurement, duplicate the same piece you create to have two pieces.DSC_00692. Start to sew the pieces together.
DSC_00713. Take your wire and create a loop. Twist the wire ends together.
DSC_00774. Insert wire into the ribbon before sewing up the last few inches.


Summer Hair Accessory Inspiration


Our outfits for summer are almost ready to go, but there’s one thing we’re still squaring away: our hairstyles. The summer is known to be the worst season for hair because it’s humid, sticky, and hot. Recipe for hair disasters much? So we’re calling in some accessories to make our hair look like a ten, even though it feels like a hard 4 at best. 7dcc0aace196b13f66ad5d6af8a43ee9 (1)







Stylish Sandal DIY Roundup


Looking for fun summer footwear? Why buy it, when you can DIY it! We’re rounded up some of the most stylish sandals for spring and summer that you can wear to the beach, a pool party, or just out for everyday errands. From a heeled tassel sandal, to a fun tribal flat; these shoes will carry you through the season and then some. Which sandals are you totally loving this season? Have you ever DIY’ed a shoe before? Let us know about your experiences making footwear in the comments below! tasselshoes1-640x960






Tony Awards 2015 Fashion Recap


The Tony Awards bring out the theatrics and we’re not only talking about the performances they honor. We’re also talking about the style stars that shone on the red carpet! Although not as over-the-top as the Met Gala or the Grammys, we readied ourselves for some drama, and we weren’t disappointed.  elisabeth-moss-tonys-red-carpetElizabeth Moss bloomed in a gown with cascading flowers.

bella-hadid-tonys-red-carpetBella Hadid looked like a modern goddess in a cream and black column dress.

jennifer-lopez-tonys-red-carpetWe were starstruck by Jennifer Lopez’s celestial style.


vanessa-hudgens-tonys-red-carpetVanessa Hudgens has blossomed into a style star in a voluminous gown of posies.


kendall-jenner-francisco-costa-tonys-red-carpetKendall Jenner looked as pretty as a peach in a Calvin Klein Collection dress!