Spring Earring DIY Roundup


We love a fun, bright earring as a statement accessory. They’re a great way to liven up any outfit, and are the perfect substitute for a necklace if you’re working with an awkward neckline. Make these earrings today to bring a flash of fun to your next outfit!

Friendship EarringsThese friendship hoop earrings from PS I Made This go great with summer basics, like a black maxi dress.

6ed70b8b2b0dc32f0e42a275185bf3c0These druzy-style earrings are created using buttons and chunky glitter. How simple!

Geometric Earrings


We love these abstract “gem” earrings from Petite Elefante. While neon is perfect for spring and summer, the color combination possibilities are endless!

tumblr_m8txhoQNHL1qihh0eo1_500This cool earring is doing double duty as a hair comb! We can totally see Rihanna rocking a style like this.

Ombre Earrings


The DIY world loves using paint chips for wall art, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a cool way to integrate them into fashion accessories like these ombre paint chip earrings!

Trend Alert: Coordinating Crops


If there is one spring and summer trend that we can’t get enough of, it’s cropped coordinating separates. They usually consist of a high-waisted skirt paired with a structured crop top in coordinating prints. We love this trend because literally anyone can pull it off. You just have to find the skirt that suits you best!Coordinating Floral Print Crop Top and Skirt Set
This type of floral combo is really popular for spring. It’s a vintage style with a modern silhouette that we adore.
Striped Crop Top and Skirt SetThese body-hugging basics are a cool choice if you want to have a little more fun with your look, and they seem super comfortable!

White circle skirt and crop set

Black lace top and maxi skirtThis circle skirt is great for ladies who want to add a little body to their look. It’s an innocent and playful style, especially when it’s white. And don’t even get us started on the quilted texture. That’s a trend we’ll get into on another day.

This daring look is much more dramatic in black because of its almost gothic lace and maxi length.

Meshing Around

Mesh has made a comeback in recent years, and almost every designer is flocking towards this slightly see-through look. Depending on the weave of the mesh, you can achieve different looks. An fine mesh is often used to accent evening wear or cocktail dresses. Large open weave mesh, on the other hand, is associated with sports gear. 3193246f2d7e63641d8100600c0518ccThis cool dress has an envelope pocket that opens into a modern mesh triangle.

Honor-Spring-2012Mesh can definitely be dainty as seen here on a sweet dress.



5d205edad0d1725b6abdefebc65884a9The two looks above show how mesh can have that more classic, athletic vibe.


Mesh Skirt from A Pair and A SpareIf you’re feeling the mesh trend, take a cue from A Pair and a Spare and make your own!
How will you be rocking this slightly sassy and sporty trend? If you want to start small, check out our selection of mesh trims!


DIY: Neon Embellished Skirt


This spring and summer we’re really feeling sparkly embellishments, especially on unexpected pieces! This neon pink skirt was the perfect canvas for jeweled embellishments because it’s bold and will stand out at any party. If you want to tone this look down, try using a neutral base with monochromatic jewels instead! Materials for Neon Embellished Skirt   What You’ll Need: 

18mm x 13mm Octagon Jewel W/2 Holes
28mm x 16mm Oval Jewel W/2 Holes
24mm x 10mm Oval Jewel W/2 Holes
14m Round Jewel W/2 Holes

Placing Gems on Skirt1. Lay out your skirt and start to place your jewels where you would like them. We created a geometric pattern with ours. Sewing Jewels onto Skirt2. Once you have planned out your design, sew each jewel in place. Completed Neon Embellished SkirtNow you have a great skirt for going out in! You can also use this same technique to embellish a shirt or a jacket!

Trend Alert: Gone Graphic


Graphic prints were all over the runways this spring, and they continue to make their way into the streets of NYC! We’re all about the bold graphic prints to really make a style statement. Whether they’re in color or monochromatic, standout graphic prints make anyone a style star.

2729e7e2afd4c81164268bb10308b474 (1)


265ad39a0fac65f60f780426c478438eDespite being black and white, this outfit stays dynamic with it’s unique chevron stripes.


66e1e01bac7bec73a4f837fb5c7285deWho says you can’t mix prints? Mixing patterns is a way to really make graphic prints stand out. You add interest, while staying chic. Just try not to mix too many colors together, and you’re sure to hit a fashion home run.

43987f959c0c489f371c8b7cd27d5b25Wearing matching separates will elongate your figure, and make even more of a statement. Imagine the fashion punch of a long graphic column dress!

How do YOU rock graphics? Do you go all out, or stick to one piece?


Color Story: Peacock Blue


Peacock blue is quite an entrancing shade, it’s a little bit blue and a little bit green. Mysterious and alluring, this shade is popular everywhere from bridal parties to home decor. If you’re drawn to this mysterious shade, here are some ways to add it to YOUR life!

tumblr_mgkkznFKc01r4lknso1_500The peacock is a beautiful bird, whose iridescent feathers have always had a place in the heart of daring DIYers.


51bc511bd9127e258b000a52._w.540_s.fit_These peacock blue living rooms looks great with contrasting yellow accents that pick up the green in this dynamic shade.

ce420adabeeffdea53f6e109cf6f20ccThese reptilian heels have adopted the scaly skin of a snake while harnessing the color of a peacock feather.

tom+katie-HR149Peacock blue is a  common color in weddings since it looks so beautiful against the stark white dress. It also easily fulfills the “something blue” category.


268687e2471fb319acdd6116f7e2d0e9Peacock blue is one of our favorite hues to experiment with because it’s such a unique mix of colors, and brings a jeweled elegance to any piece


Gift Guide for the Crafty Mom


Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if your mom loves to DIY as much as you do, we have some suggestions that will make her jump with joy.

ThreadThe Seamstress – If your mom loves to sew, give her some enhanced essentials! Make a kit with fashion tape, a rainbow of thread, and a unique array of buttons.

Pompom TrimThe Home Decor Diva – Does your mom change her decor according to styles and not just seasons? Give her some trim that she’s bound to love! How about an elegant tassel fringe, or a fun pom pom fringe?

Beaded Trim

The Social Butterfly – If your mom is a VIP who is always attending parties and galas, make sure she shines with rhinestone or beaded trim! It’s the perfect trim for adorning an evening dress or clutch.

Project DIY

The Accessory Queen – If your mom loves making her own stylish accessories, check out our Project DIY kits! They have everything you need to make stylish, runway-inspired accessories.


Kentucky Derby Millin-spiration


The Kentucky Derby is upon us which means that there are going to be plenty of hats to oggle over for the next few days. Big, bright, wide, and tall; every type of hat surfaces when it comes to the Kentucky Derby. Obviously we’re partial to anything extravagant because we like pieces that make a statement!

crazy-racing-hatsThis yellow sunflower hat is a showstopper, and looks closer to the sun in size than a simple sunflower.

98f5b01f61288f787a13e96446a28ed1The curves and flow of this mint green hat are absolutely mesmerizing! Is it just us, or do you find this hat almost relaxing?

ec84cf70cb34be6eae882d5b431b63ffIt’s no wonder this woman is smiling ear to ear, she is wearing such a bright and happy hat! We love the red hat accented by little white feathers.

b36cf8c67bea2d5f86d731a679b17be4This beautiful wide-brimmed hat makes a cool statement with teal and royal blue feathers!

68545eb1f86b4844a7f5b9f339d9180eAnother favorite of ours is this yellow hat with a faux-floral arrangement on the top.

If you feel inspired to make your own Kentucky Derby hat, check out our selection of buckram frames, feathers, and flower pins!

DIY: Sparkling Lace Bracelet


This season, unlike the bundled and structured styles of winter and autumn, is all about being carefree and fun! We take this to heart when it comes to stylish accessories too, so this spring don’t let heavy metals weight you down! A beautiful bracelet made of lace trim and rhinestones offers just the right amount of sparkle and won’t weigh down your wrist.

Materials for Lace Bracelet


What You’ll Need:

1 3/8” Scallop Rosette Lace-White

8mm Round HF Epoxy Nailheads

5mm Round HF Epoxy Nailheads

SS10 Hot Fix Swarovski Pearl

SS12 Swarovski in Emerald

SS20 Swarovski in  Light Sapphire, Emerald, Light Topaz

SS34 Swarovski in Crystal

Crimp Closures

Jump Rings

Lobster Clasp



Crystal Katana


Measuring Lace Trim Around Wrist1. Wrap the lace trim around your wrist, and measure how long the lace is when it overlaps on your wrist. Add an inch to that number, and cut.

Folding Over Lace Trim2.  Fold your lace over half an inch, so that the crimp closure will have a thicker grip.

Clamping Metal Crimper3. Place the crimp at the end of your folded lace, and clamp down. Repeat on the opposite side.

Attaching Jump Ring to Lace Trim4.  Connect your jump ring and lobster clasp, and then connect each end to a jump ring.

Laying Out Pattern with Rhinestones5. Now it’s time to design! Lay out your bracelet, and create the pattern you want using rhinestones and nailheads. Use your crystal katana to easily pick up  and place the rhinestones.Gluing Down Rhinestones on Lace Bracelets6. Once you’ve laid out your pattern, glue down each stone. Let the bracelet dry overnight.

Finished Embellished Lace Bracelet

Now you have a bracelet that’s perfect for your next spring adventure!

Colored Crystal DIY Roundup


Our most popular rhinestones are the Crystal and Crystal AB variety which have a clear or iridescent shine. They’re classic and elegant, and perfect for making any accessory or outfit more special and statement-worthy. But if you like a little more sass with your sparkle, our Swarovski crystals come in a full spectrum of colors! Sometimes adding a little bit of color goes a long way, and these DIYs prove it!

Painted Rhinestone Necklace by Swell MaydeThis necklace from Swell Mayde is great for repurposing old, inexpensive necklaces that you wouldn’t otherwise wear. Just a few coats of paint and you have the perfect spring accessory!

School Magnets from EarringsIf you’re in school or just love having beautiful office supplies, these fun magnets are a great weekend DIY! Created using inexpensive earrings, these are sure to set your locker apart from the rest.


Ombre Rhinestone TrimsThese Miu Miu-inspired earrings are so sweet and elegant, and you know our thoughts on ombre anything. Must have.


Crystal Mirror From Design Love FestThis mirror from Designlovefest is a favorite because it is so unique. It’s an exciting addition to your home, and would make a fantastic house-warming present.


Crystal Clutch from Honestly WTFThis clutch from Honestly WTF is fierce and fashionable. We love the drama of the beautiful crystal shards.