Quick Gift Wrapping Tips


At M&J Trimming we know a lot about wrapping presents. Our beautiful ribbons aren’t just for adding to fashion items, they’re also perfect for wrapping those holiday gifts! Over the years we’ve collected a few tips to make your wrapped presents enviable, and keep your headache at bay.

Brown Butcher Paper from Create-OlogieKeep it Simple – Skip the reindeer wrapping paper. Grab a roll of brown butcher paper or white craft paper instead! If you want something a little more vibrant, get a big roll of silver or gold wrapping paper. By buying a large quantity of one type of wrapping paper you’re saving money, space and time! You also get the opportunity to make each present a little bit different by using various ribbons and tags.

Custom Colors – If you took our advice on the butcher block paper, now’s the time to get creative. Use stamps to make some patterned wrapping paper, and vary the colors for each present. Draw notes or doodles directly on the wrapped box!

Under the Wire – Looking to adorn your present with a beautiful bow? Wire edge ribbon is perfect for puffing up holiday bows. The wire hidden in the edges of the ribbon helps your bows keep their shape.

Neon Gift Tags from Lil Sugar

Tag It – Making tags is a quick and easy way to personalize a gift. Because tags are small, you can pull out all the stops with them. Add some Swarovski crystals, attach them with some gorgeous vintage ribbon, or paint on some abstract patterns. A simple way to give your tags some pop is to use a pair of scalloped scissors when cutting them out.

Card Catalogue – Re-use old holiday cards by cutting out the images and fastening them onto gifts with double-stick tape or glue.

Wrapped Holiday Presents

Use the Unusual – If your gift recipient is a big comic book fan, use comic book pages to wrap your present. If they love Jane Austen, use a few pages from an old book. Thrift stores usually have very cheap books for sale, so you won’t have to sacrifice your copy of Sense and Sensibility.

What tips have you picked up over the years? Share them with fellow wrappers below!

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup


If your gift wrapping strategy needs a little revamping, check out these great gift wrap DIYs for some inspiration!

Instagram Gift Wrap from Lemon Jitters

So you have like a thousand Instagram pictures, but what good are they if they’re only on your tiny cell phone screen? Lemon Jitters has a great way to put those pics to good use! Print them out and cut them into tags to add a little bit of personality to your holiday wrapping. You could even personalize them further by using photos of the recipient as the tag!

Glitter Wrapping from Best Day Ever

We said it before, we’ll say it again: we love sparkles! This glitter gift wrap DIY from Best Day Ever is perfect for those who share our sentiments!

Cozy Gift Wrap Boxwood Clippings

Keep your presents nice and cozy this holiday season. The adorable DIY from Boxwood Clippings shows you how to re-purpose those old sweaters into these cute gift sleeves!

Snowflake Thread Wrap from Oipaketti

Making this cute wrap will take a few pins, some string and some patience. We think the finished product is stunning!

Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids from Miss Webbie

Kids get so “wrapped up” in opening presents that they don’t pay attention to the wrapping! Make it interactive by adding some crayons to the mix. This way the gift wrap is part of the fun!

Catching Fire DIY Roundup


The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Catching Fire is now officially in theaters, and SPOILER ALERT! we can’t wait to see Katniss kicking butt in the Hunger Games again.  We seriously love the powerful tough-girl vibe of her character. (Probably why we also picked Joan of Arc as the inspiration behind November’s Project DIY collection.) We couldn’t help but round-up a few DIYs that have that same rough and tumble feel to them. We’re sure Katniss would even jump in to make a few!

The Hungry Games

Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled
Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled

Hosting a Hunger Games dinner party? These arrow napkin rings from Ruffled are so perfect. They’re simple and frill-free, just like Katniss. Now that you have your decor figured out, what are you planning on serving for dinner? Better take a trip to the Hob!

Beat the Odds

Hunger Games Pencil Toppers from Popper and Mimi

Sass up your stationary with these silver “arrow” pencils from Popper and Mimi! Whether you’re using them to doodle, take a test or do your taxes, may the odds be ever in your favor.

On the Hunt

Cell Phone Holder from Morning by Foley

We don’t think they have any cell phones in District 12, but if they did we have a feeling Katniss’s would look a lot like this one from Morning by Foley. Probably a little less pink, but we took some creative liberties.


Mockingjay Bracelet from Geekphoria

If you’re a true fan of the Hunger Games, you’ll want to sport this DIY Mockingjay bracelet from Geekphoria proudly! Imagine the variations you could make with the suede cord and chain from our store!

Understated but Not Underestimated 

Golden Arrow Ring from Sincerely Kinsey

This leather glitter arrow ring from Sincerely Kinsey is the perfect accessory to wear to the Catching Fire premiere if you’re fond of an understated look. The ring features a lot of the story’s prominent elements without making you look like a super crazy fan even if you are underneath. We totally are.

We can’t decide whether we’re more excited to finally see Catching Fire or make the DIYs above! Are you a Hunger Games fan too? What DIY will you be making in honor of the movie?

DIY: Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards


When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there seem to be two popular schools of thought: embracing rustic roots or going glamorous. Rustic holiday decor uses warm colors, natural textures like burlap, and brown butcher paper wrapping. On the other hand we have the glam holiday decor which is all about sparkle and shine, metallics, and grandeur!

This holiday season the twain shall meet in our holiday DIY segment! First up we have a set of Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards. The natural-colored card stock offers a nice contrast to the metallic lace and rhinestones. It’s the perfect mix of styles!

Wreath Card

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming


Natural Card Stock

Lt. Siam SS20

Emerald SS20

Lt. Colorado Topaz SS30

Fine Metallic Lace #56465

Silver 3mm Cord #00329


Rhinestone glue syringe


DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

1. Cut the lace into individual teardrop shapes. You’ll need 12 teardrops.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

2. Lay out the shapes to form a circle, and glue them down.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

3. Glue the Lt. Colorado SS30 at the widest end of each tear. Repeat this step with the other two colors.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

4. Take your cord and create a bow for your wreath. Glue it down in the middle-lower part of the wreath.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

Christmas Tree Card

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming


Natural Card Stock

Emerald SS20

Lt. Siam SS16 and SS20

Siam SS34

Capri Blue SS20 and SS34

Peridot SS20

Citrine SS16 and SS20

Topaz SS34

Fuchsia SS34

Tanzanite SS20

Purple Velvet SS34

Lt. Sapphire SS16

Jonquil SS16

Fine Metallic Lace #56465


Rhinestone glue syringe


DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

1. Cut the lace into individual teardrop shapes. You’ll need 23 teardrops.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

2. Lay out each piece to form a tree shape, and glue them down.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

3. Use the Jonquil and Citrine rhinestones to create a star on top.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

4. Embellish your tree with the rest of your rhinestones.

DIY Rustic Lace and Rhinestone Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

You don’t just have to make the tree or wreath either! Make stars, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and menorahs. The only limit is your imagination!

AB & Cs of Crystals


This Tuesday we’re having one of our legendary Swarovski sales! Swarovski crystals are the perfect solution to any DIY that needs some dazzle. If you’re new to the world of Swarovski, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options. Here are a few tips for Swarovski novices so that they can take advantage of our sale! Knowledge is power, people.

Swarovski Rhinestone Rainbow | M&J Trimming

When it comes to color, Swarovski makes almost every color under the sun. There are even some varieties which reflect multiple colors. For example, one of our most popular colors, Crystal, also comes in Crystal AB, which stands for Aurora Borealis. The Crystal AB initially looks clear, but reflects different colors from different angles. This rainbow effect is created by adding metallic chemical coatings to the glass.

Swarovski Rhinestone Flame | M&J Trimming

Swarovski crystals come in all different shapes and sizes, but they are measured in SS. If you’re having trouble figuring out what size you need, check out our handy Rhinestone Size Chart!

Swarovski Rhinestone Cool Tones | M&J Trimming

Another variable to consider when picking out rhinestones is how to affix them! There are generally two types of rhinestones you can buy: flatback and hotfix. Flatback rhinestones have to either be glued by hand, or used with a brisk-set. The brisk-set uses tiny metal backings that pierce through fabric and hold the rhinestone in place. Hotfix rhinestones have glue on the back of them which attaches to fabric when heated.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about these gorgeous DIY elements. Now that you’re in the know, head on over to mjtrim.com and pick out some beautiful rhinestones! Have any other rhinestone-related inquiries? Leave your questions below!

Holiday Card DIY Roundup

When the holiday season hits most people go into crafting mode! One of the first crafts that everyone sets out to make is a holiday card because they’re so easy to make and customizable. If you’re in the crafting spirit today, here are some cute holiday cards to make this weekend!

Fun-Sized Wreaths

Mini Wreath Holiday Cards from Frolic Blog | M&J Trimming

These mini-wreaths from Frolic Blog are totally cute! They’re a nice way to add a natural element to your cards, and the minimalist design ensures that the focus stays on these darling little wreaths!


Ribbon Holiday Card from HGTV | M&J Trimming

This ribbon card from HGTV was inspired by the bright and lively colors of Mexico. We love the look of the different colors and finishes, and obviously any project with ribbons has our name on it!

Stitched with Love

Stitched Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

These simple stitched cards are so crafty and stylish at the same time. The modern shapes make them a great choice for the design-savvy folks in your life.

Snow Shaker

Handmade Shaker Fan Better Homes and Gardens | M&J Trimming

This card is so much fun! Using glitter or salt to make a holiday card is perfect for those who like a little bit of interactivity. Kids would go CRAZY over these cards!

Reindeer Games

Paper Reindeer from Eat Drink Chic | M&J Trimming

This Eat Drink Chic card is adorable, and we love the bold pink reindeer against the neutral background!

Some people prefer to send photos, others like to create cards from scratch, and some just buy beautiful cards in bulk. What’s your holiday card strategy?

Cold Weather DIY Roundup


This week we experienced a flirtation of what’s to come this winter with some light snow flurries. It turned cold, fast, but just because there’s a biting chill in the air doesn’t mean that we have to go outside looking like the Michelin Man. Here are some cold weather accessories that you can make this weekend so that you’ll be toasty warm come the Monday commute!

Bejeweled Beanie from M&J Trimming

A hat can be a serious nemesis to good hair days, but when your hat is this cute you might just want to wear it inside! We plucked this DIY from our archives just in time for cold-ear weather!

Arm-Knit Infinity Sweater from DIY Confessions

We love this arm-knit infinity scarf from DIY Confessions!! The chunky knit and color make it a dramatic statement piece, perfect for spicing up a fall outfit.

Pom Pom Gloves the Alison Show

These little white gloves from the Alison Show are so cute, and the black pom poms add a whimsical touch! Not only are these gloves adorable, they’re also totally affordable!

Sew Your Own Mittens from a Sweater A Beautiful MessYou don’t need to know how to knit to make these cute little mittens from A Beautiful Mess! All you need is an old sweater you wouldn’t mind reusing.

Audrey Cape DIY from In Honor of Design

Embrace your inner-Audrey with this beautiful (and easy) cape DIY. Sewing outwear doesn’t need to be daunting, and this is a great foray into sewing something really substantial and wearable!

Even though it’s freezing outside, don’t let your style hibernate. Make these cute winter accessories to keep you warm and your fashion cool.

Gucci-Inspired Belt DIY with Carlos


Working at a store like M&J Trimming it’s hard not to become completely overcome with creativity! This place is really a DIYer’s dream. That’s why when Carlos saw this amazing green and red canvas ribbon, he knew exactly what to make with it: a Gucci-inspired belt! Learn how to make this stylish belt with just a few items, and in only a few minutes!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:
2 2.5″ Bamboo Rings

35MM Polyester Webbing

A Striped Grosgrain ribbon or Jacquard ribbon for a vintage touch. You can order this style (55160) by giving us a call!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Measuring | M&J Trimming1. For this project we’re using printed ribbon, and lining it with webbing to make it sturdier. The webbing can also be used by itself for a fun solid belt. Line up the webbing and ribbon, and measure how much ribbon you will need by wrapping it around your hips and adding six inches.

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Gluing | M&J Trimming2. Once you’ve cut the ribbon and webbing to your desired length, glue them together using a hot glue gun or E-6000. If you’re using a glue gun, work in sections. This way the glue won’t dry before you’ve reached the end of the ribbon!

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Bamboo Rings | M&J Trimming3. Take the two bamboo rings, and loop the belt through them. Glue the end of the belt down past the rings. There should be a little bit of wiggle room between the two rings.

Gucci Inspired Belt DIY Carlos | M&J TrimmingExtra step: If you want to make a belt loop for your belt, take a piece of that patterned ribbon and glue the two ends to the back of the belt, while making sure to create a loop on the other side. Make sure you can fit your belt through the loop before gluing it down!

What did you think of Carlos’s quick and easy belt tutorial? This belt is a great way to jazz up any outfit!

Button Basics


Buttons have a place in our hearts at M&J Trimming, and for good reason! This often overlooked item is on some of the most beloved staples including the blazer, the button-down shirt, and almost every jacket! We thought we would let you know a little bit more about the so-called “basic” button. Natural and Leather Buttons M&J Trimming

Before the invention of plastic, buttons were primarily made out of natural materials like bone, horn, pewter and shell. While they were originally used as an adornment, the invention of the buttonhole during the Renaissance took them from stylish to practical. Who knew they were initially created with fashion over function in mind?

Rhinestone Buttons M&J Trimming

Buttons fall into one of two categories determined by how you attach them. There are sew-on buttons, which are flat with visible holes going through them. These provide a more secure hold, which is why they are more often used on heavier materials like coats and winter jackets. Then there are also shank buttons which attach through a loop in the back of the button. These are usually more decorative. Our rhinestone buttons look more like elegant brooches than buttons!

Blue Buttons M&J TrimmingButtons are measured by their diameter using millimeters in the United States. In European countries they use ligne as the unit of measurement. There are 40 ligne in an inch!

If you need help figuring out what size button you need, check out our handy Button Size Chart!

We hope this post has inspired you to give those buttons a second look! Not only are they great for keeping your jacket from flailing, but they’re also a great way to give your clothes a little upgrade!

DIY Roundup: Make a Statement


If you want to jazz up your outfit without having to get out of your comfy tee and favorite jeans, we have a fashionable suggestion. Throw on a statement necklace! Dainty chains need not apply because this piece is meant to draw some attention! The easiest way to get your hands on one of these style lifesavers is to make it. Here are a few of our favorites to try out TODAY! You’ll thank us on Monday.

The New Nautical

Braided Neon Necklace from A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess’s braided statement necklace made from parachute cord is to die for! We’re always a huge fan of anything neon, hence why we’re one of the only places WE know that carries neon studs.


Fall for DIY Ribbon and Chain Necklace

This simple ribbon and chain necklace from Fall for DIY is making our creative gears turn. The combinations we could make out of M&J ribbons and chains is practically endless! We’re doing this. Today.

Bold and Beautiful

Stacked Necklace from A Pair and a Spare

This stacked necklace from A Pair and a Spare  makes a serious statement. It takes a few different necklaces to get this over-the-top look that’s guaranteed to turn heads! 

Inspired By

Prada-Inspired Floral Necklace from M&J Trimming

We made a Prada-inspired necklace last spring that is screaming to be shared again!  It’s so easy to jazz up some simple acrylic chain to make an outfit impact.

Refined Style

Statement Necklace from Refinery 29

Our friends at Refinery29 made this stunning black statement necklace, perfect for breaking your style out of the doldrums!

Have we convinced you to make a statement yet? Good! We can’t wait to see them!