Quick and Easy DIY Roundup


Let’s face it, everyone likes a little instant gratification once in a while. Whether it’s getting next-day shipping on those boots, ordering a cheeseburger through the drive-through, or eating your dessert way before dinner time, there’s a feeling of satisfaction when you get something right when you want it. Weekends are perfect for tackling long DIYs, but sometimes you just want to make something in five minutes and enjoy it!

Washi-0-Featured-645x429These easy DIYs made with washi tape from Brit + Co can be made while watching an episode of your favorite half hour sitcom with time to spare for a coffee break.

wool-felt-ball-coaster-1Speaking of coffee, make a rug for your mug with tiny felt balls! This colorful DIY from Inspired by Charm can be completed before your coffee even cools!

ispydiy_homefinds4While the jewelry that I Spy DIY made LOOKS like it took forever, we’re happy to report that it was quick and simple.

old_mantelwebWhile it may take more than a few minutes to figure out the secrets to alchemy, you can always fake it with this gilded bookend DIY from Design Sponge!

IMG_2120This set of key wristlets from Lizinspiration is the perfect DIY for us. With our selection of ribbons, we’re going to have to start making keys just so we can make all of our fabulous color combinations!




7 comments on “Quick and Easy DIY Roundup

  1. ashleyomelia says:

    Great post, but I’m afraid it will keep me distracted from what I’m supposed to do today! :)

  2. milliemakeup says:

    love the keyboard one, looks really cute

  3. kukaes says:

    Reblogged this on Kukaes.

  4. Andi says:

    Great projects!

  5. Creative energies are the raw juice of the spirit, huh? Yay!

  6. Hey u think you should include my sugar free, honey sweetened version~indulgence without downsides of sugar! Just sayin! 💥

  7. […] DIY Decorated Desk: These quick washi-tape ideas will doll up your desk area in a hurry. […]

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