Trend Alert: Gone Graphic


Graphic prints were all over the runways this spring, and they continue to make their way into the streets of NYC! We’re all about the bold graphic prints to really make a style statement. Whether they’re in color or monochromatic, standout graphic prints make anyone a style star.

2729e7e2afd4c81164268bb10308b474 (1)


265ad39a0fac65f60f780426c478438eDespite being black and white, this outfit stays dynamic with it’s unique chevron stripes.


66e1e01bac7bec73a4f837fb5c7285deWho says you can’t mix prints? Mixing patterns is a way to really make graphic prints stand out. You add interest, while staying chic. Just try not to mix too many colors together, and you’re sure to hit a fashion home run.

43987f959c0c489f371c8b7cd27d5b25Wearing matching separates will elongate your figure, and make even more of a statement. Imagine the fashion punch of a long graphic column dress!

How do YOU rock graphics? Do you go all out, or stick to one piece?


3 comments on “Trend Alert: Gone Graphic

  1. I’d love to go all out, someday I will, I promise…for now I mix solid and graphic, I love color and bold prints, we need to take advantage of the trend before it dies out and goes back to solids or monochrome, you know how this goes, :) lovely images, specially 1 & 5, fab outfits! read you soon, alexandra

  2. beautiful… design.. nice graphic color..

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