How to Avoid DIY Disasters


You see something on Pinterest, you venture to get supplies, and next thing you know your hands are dyed blue, you’ve put out a small fire, and you have successfully Gem-tac’d and feathered yourself. The DIY Disaster. We’ve all been there! Sometimes DIYs can get a little out of hand, and we’re here to help. Here are a few of our tips to keep your crafts and projects from getting the best of you.

Button Statement Necklace Materials | M&J Trimming

Read the Instructions – This may seem like a simple one, but going into a DIY unarmed with info and knowledge is a common mistake. Sometimes we get too excited to read them through! Sometimes we think we already know it all. Just do your future self a favor, and give those guides a good read-through. And then read them again. Just in case. If the project calls for a skill or item you aren’t familiar with, check out our resource guide!

Stacked Paintings from Mescaprices Belges

Put It Aside – Sometimes you just need some space. If a project is causing you grief, just put it aside! Maybe during your break you’ll figure out how to fix the problem or get really excited about making it again. If you’ve put it aside over and over again, don’t feel guilty throwing it out. With some projects, it just isn’t meant to be.

Organized Craft Drawer from Papier Valise

Ready Your Troops – Get your materials and supplies ready BEFORE diving in because do you know what happens when you don’t prepare? You end up cutting your finger with a butter knife because you were trying to use it as a substitute for a pair of scissors. Be prepared.

Work in Progress Watercolor from Lovely Sweet William

Enjoy the Experience – The DIY is all about the journey, so don’t forget to enjoy it! It’s easy to get anxious about the result, but DIYing isn’t just about the final product. Flip on your favorite movie or show, rustle up a bowl of popcorn, and bask in your creativity. This is YOUR time.

What advice would YOU give to DIY novices?

12 comments on “How to Avoid DIY Disasters

  1. ursularosien says:

    Good tips! Thank you :) I’m pinning your Resources page, sure I will need it ;)

  2. messycharlie says:

    After a week of failed projects, this is just what I needed to read :)

  3. LaLindaArtStudio says:

    Great tips…It always goes smoother when I am prepared. I have so many projects set aside that I will never run out of projects to complete.

  4. EllaStodds says:

    This is awesome. So many times I have gotten myself into a project bigger than me :)

  5. Even if you are an experienced DIYer you can find yourself over your head. I’d say, if possible, do a trial run before you start on your real project.

  6. […] then, for them to give us a nice blog post on how to avoid DIY disasters.  I found it a good read, with good advice.  Please check it out.  (While you are there, you can […]

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