Ribbon & Wrapping Roundup


Christmas is almost upon us, which means many homes are about to be taken over by scraps of wrapping paper and knotted trim! Although there are a select number of individuals who have a natural ability in the wrapping arts, most of us are left to fend for ourselves against the growing heaps of gift wrap and tissue paper. Here are some tutorials to help you wrap presents and tie ribbons like a pro.

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrap Tutorial from Hideous Dreadful StinkyClassic and professionally perfect, this gift wrap tutorial is great for the standard boxed gift. Just try not to wince when the recipient tears off that beautiful wrapping job!

Eco Friendly Wrapping Tutorial from Hello, Handy Heart

We love the idea of using a napkin to wrap a gift. It’s practical, reusable, and really cute! This tutorial from Hello, Handy Heart is perfect for those of you who prefer an eco-friendly fabric approach.

Holiday Bundle Wrapping from Honestly WTF

The girls from Honestly WTF have just changed the gift wrap game with their Holiday Gift Bundle! Now you don’t need to find a box to hold that adorable cashmere sweater. Just bundle it up!

Once you’re confident in your wrapping abilities, take a look at our Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup for some creative gift wrap ideas!

Ribbon Tying

Ribbon Tying from Design Mom

Design Mom takes you through the steps of tying the perfect classic bow! We love how a simple ribbon can totally transform the look of your package!

Gift Bow from How About Orang

These fluffy bows may appear difficult to make at first glance, but they’re actually pretty easy with the tutorial at How About Orange! Substitute the paper for some of our beautiful Wired Edge Ribbon, and you’ll have the most gorgeous bow this side of the North Pole.

We hope these tips and tricks have helped you conquer your wrapping anxiety. Now time to make a molehill out of a mountain, and start wrapping!

12 comments on “Ribbon & Wrapping Roundup

  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I recently got a Bowdabra that is supposed to be able to help you make some pretty neat bows – unfortunately they just don’t turn out like the ones shown in the video. Ughh all I want is to just want to make my packages pretty – :) Merry Christmas.& Happy New Year!


  2. Love that Map bow! Off to look up the tutorial :) Thrift shops often have a ton of old maps and they also make great wrapping paper, so I’ve started to collect some. I hadn’t considered the bows!

  3. Arlene Poma says:

    How helpful and just plain lovely!

  4. ursularosien says:

    Nice roundup! I don’t have the affinity to traditionally wrap a perfect present and my husband would mostly wrap all the presents… But now that I’ve been crafting for a while I really enjoy wrapping presents! However, they are pretty imperfect and messy but somehow when I’m done I’m pretty pleased :) Cheers!
    PS: This year, I’m going with white kraft paper and traditional kraft paper and I’ll decorate them with tags I made or something else. I never know how they will turn out ;)

  5. I LOVE These ideas (especially that map bow!) and I’ve been really impressed with all your Christmas blogs this year. Great work!

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