Project DIY: Joan of Arc Your Way


If you’re new to Project DIY, it’s a craft subscription box service that brings runway style to your door! (It also happens to be the most creative gift of the season.) The best part about this subscription is the fact that the projects are totally customizable. Here are a few of our favorite customizations of the Joan of Arc collection by our subscribers!

Joan of Arc Shield Necklace from Annamartinah

Check out the stone placement on this Shield Necklace from Instagram user @annamartinah! The silver nail polish used on the necklace gem really pulls together the mixed-metal look.

Carla Marie

Even Carla Marie from Z100 got in on the fun! We love how she placed the circles in the flowers!

Joan of Arc Projects from Mandersbal

Now THIS is what we call customization. Check out the assymetrical placement of decals on this shield necklace by Instagram user @Mandersbal!

Joan of Arc Projects by Mommy Splurge

Blogger Brandy of Mommy Splurge used nail polish to color the stone on her Shield necklace. The finished look is so regal!

We love seeing your take on ProjectDIY collections so keep posting! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

4 comments on “Project DIY: Joan of Arc Your Way

  1. YourHobby says:

    Great hobby idea, cheers, Graham, YourHobby…..

  2. Where do you get a plated brass cuff?

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