Paris Fashion Week SS2014 Roundup


Anyone can spot a French girl from a kilometer away. She looks put together without trying. She is effortlessly chic. She’s a master at layering, and her style exudes romance. You might think that sweet sentiment was embraced during Paris Fashion Week SS2014. Well you would stand corrected because this year the power players played with power as a theme.

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week SS2014

Those dark headdresses at Louis Vuitton made the models look showgirl-chic. The feathers, the embellishments, and the attention paid to the tiniest decorative detail really show how skilled this fashion house is at its craft.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week SS2014

While we may never be royals, we can always pretend with Valentino’s collection. It featured heavy embroidery, and silhouettes worthy of a queen. We loved that the looks were paired with simple, flat Grecian sandals. Who says queens need to be subjected to the hazards of heels?

Chanel Paris Fashion Week SS2014 Pink Tweed Jacket

Coco Chanel once said, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” We think someone was definitely thinking aloud when creating this collection! Chanel’s classic looks were taken to bold extremes: huge pearls, saturated tweed suits, and extreme neon makeup.

Givenchy Paris Fashion Week SS2014 Brown Rhinestone Dress

Givenchy mixed Japanese and African influences for this collection. Some of the models donned crystal-covered kabuki “masks”, which were both sparkly AND a little intimidating. We wonder if they used Swarovski crystals, preferably not hot fix! Ouch!

The Rick Owens show really blew us away. Remember that ethereal Parisian we were talking about earlier? Yeah, this show wasn’t for her. Step dancers took the stage in lieu of models, and powered through an energetic dance number. Watch the video above, and join us in collective awe.

7 comments on “Paris Fashion Week SS2014 Roundup

  1. dawndancers says:

    I really liked Rick Owens display! Different and I couldn’t stop watching :)

  2. bulelany says:

    Reblogged this on bulelany's Blog and commented:
    this is amazing! got to love other peoples creativity… defining gender and engaging people through creativity to understand that life is but a dream.

  3. M&J Trimming says:

    Beautifully put Bulelany. These shows definitely broke down some barriers in the fashion realm.

  4. Karen Murphy says:

    OK– It will be interesting to see where the fashion world takes this! Now that a a different presentation has been presented for shock Value!! Maybe interesting, but fashion? Even if it is fantasy? Leaves a lot to be desired, even though people are talking about it! But that then that was the objective!!

  5. […] Rick Owens is the prince of dark fashion, but his gothic couture pieces resonate with everyone. He isn’t afraid of going against fashion protocol, as seen in his SS 2014 show in Paris! […]

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