Blogger Interview: Sugar & Cloth


After featuring Sugar & Cloth a couple weeks ago, we were so pleased to have the opportunity to chat with the genius behind the blog, Ashley.  She let us in on what some of her favorite DIY products are and who she got her DIY genes from!  Read on to get a peek inside the mind of a great DIYer!


How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?

I started blogging when I had just gotten married and moved across the country away from all of my friends and family. It was my way of staying accountable to be creative.  I’ve always loved DIY’s, which I think I picked up from my dad who would always rather make than buy something.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?

Magazines, shops, craft supply shops. etc. A lot of the projects I make are things that I couldn’t afford from the store, but that could be easily recreated.


Which of your DIY projects are your favorite?

I really love the marquee letter DIY, my DIY no-sew sequin camera strap, and the branch clothing rack.

What are some of your favorite upcoming DIY trends?

I really love anything sparkly right now, especially with snowy weather!

What advice would you give to beginners looking to DIY for the holidays?

Try projects that are simple, but pack a big punch. You don’t want to spend too much time crafting instead of enjoying the moment.


What are your DIY must-haves?

Glitter, spray paint, chalkboard paint, hole punch, twine, the list is endless haha!

3 comments on “Blogger Interview: Sugar & Cloth

  1. Laura says:

    she’s good inspiration for all the DIY’ers!

  2. Very cool post. I absolutely love her blog as well.
    GO DIYers! ;p

  3. 1980freebird says:

    go DIY inspiration!!

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