DIY Rhinestone Clear Minaudière



Clear clutches and minaudières have been a part of many street-style pics in recent fashion weeks, so we knew that it was the perfect time to DIY one of our own.  Our rhinestones were the first product we gravitated towards in order to add the right amount of holiday sparkle.


Clear case

Assortment of rhinestones and jewels

Frog closure

Gem glue


1.  Place the rhinestones on the cover of your case in the pattern you want.  Make sure the opening of your case is on the top.


2.  Add glue to the back of each rhinestone and place onto the cover.


3.  Once you are finished gluing rhinestones onto the cover, let this dry for an hour.


4.  Add rhinestones onto one side of the case.  Make sure to only glue gems on the side of the back of the case and not the front so that you don’t glue the case shut, as depicted.  Let this dry for an hour and do the other side of the case.


5.  Now it’s time to add your frog to the opening hook of your case!  Your frog comes in 2 parts.  The part of the frog with the loop gets glued at the opening portion of the back of the case.  The part of the frog with the ball gets glued onto the front cover with rhinestones, as depicted.


6.  Let the whole case dry overnight and you’ve created a minaudière that will add enough glitz and glamour to any holiday outfit!



5 comments on “DIY Rhinestone Clear Minaudière

  1. debbybruijn says:

    I love to make diy tutorials and i putt them on my wordpress, but do you have a tip to make a good picture tutorial?

  2. I know some teens who would simply love this idea. I’m always looking for ways to bond with them and this is a perfect project. They really love the bling

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  4. I love this and really would like to do the DIY! Where did you get the clear case from?

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