DIY Alexander McQueen Belt


By Sketch42blog

Nicole from Sketch42blog shared a fun and chic DIY with us and we love it. It’s easy to make a looks great on.My husband thinks I’m crazy with all these DIYs I’ve been compulsively making. I made this Alexander Mcqueen belt for two reasons. 1. I love the original. 2. Because I JUST HAD TO TRY!

Doesnt mean I should, and by no means do I think a faux leather, glued together belt could compare to the sumptuousness of the real thing… The belt is so classically pretty, its one of those things you would buy and keep forever.

Glue Gun
40mm Faux Leather Bias Binding Item#42152  (Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM)
35mm Round Interlock Buckle Item# 45885 (Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM)

1. Start by measuring your waist. The kind of buckle I used doesnt allow for multiple sizing, so yo have to get this right the first time. Then cut the leather tape leaving an inch to fold over onto the back.

2. Fasten both ends of the belt to the two halves of the buckle. Fold it over and glue with a gluegun.

3. Make a bow using the extra piece of tape. Glue in place

4. Cut a different piece  of tape down the length so its a bit thinner.

5. Wrap it around the bow and secure with glue.

6. Glue the entire bow onto the side of the buckle on a slight tilt.

And there you have it! 

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