DIY: 3 Ways to Embellish Your Scarf


By Blerona

DIY’s are always great fun, but simple DIY’s are the best for me. It’s instant satisfaction! Especially when it’s something you can wear every day, which is why I decided to embellish these three scarf’s, which are exactly the same to show you how easy and simple it is to create something Fabulous!! Enjoy


DIY Lace Scarf



  • Step 1- Lay your scarf out a flat surface.
  • Step 2- Cut your lace ribbon in half, 1 yard of each.
  • Step 3- Remove lace and lightly apply a straight line of Unique Stitch glue in the center of the lace. One of the pieces of lace on the end of the scarf, about three inches away (or where desired). Do the same for the other side.
  • Step 4- Now sew/machine stitch a straight stitch through the middle of the lace. Then  sew/machine sew are straight stitch above the middle stitch and below.


DIY Coin Scarf



  • Steps – Sew each coin individually one inch apart on the rim of the scarf. You add coins to the entire scarf or on both ends of the scarf.


DIY Pom-Pom Scarf



  • Step 1- You first have to decide how much of the scarf you want to embellish with pom-pom fringe, the entire scarf, longer sides or shorter sides of the scarf. Then measure the sides and cut enough for the sides you would like.
  • Step 2- Carefully use Unique Stitch glue to glue the tape of the pom-pom fringe to the rim of the scarf desired.
  • Step 3- Let it dry for half hour, then sew the trim to the scarf for a permanent hold.

26 comments on “DIY: 3 Ways to Embellish Your Scarf

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great ideas! I’ve been wanting to do a pom-pom trim on one of my scarves for ages; you may have just inspired me to get going on that project :)

  2. Sarah says:

    Where did you get the original scarf???

  3. wenq says:

    those are some really great ideas, im totally gonna go to HM, grab that scarf and do one of the 3 ideas!

  4. terriaw says:

    These are gorgeous! I think the embellishments go perfectly with the black dots on this blush colored scarf. Thanks for the tip on where the scarf fame from!

  5. terriaw says:

    oops, typo – I meant, where the scarf Came from! doh!

  6. Robin says:

    I love the pom pom scarf. I would love to do black pom poms on gray for a stronger contrast. These are all wonderful ideas!

    I just did a Runway inspired tutorial using MJ Trim sequin and pilattes:
    DIY Miu Miu Inspired Fall Runway Tank

    I used 4Mm Loose Cup SequinsStyle: 34427 in silver
    20Mm Paillettes With Hole On TopStyle: 13623 in silver

    I hope you like it! :)

  7. Dina says:

    I was just thinking recently about how I could extend the life of my daughter’s pants by adding some kind of trim to the bottom of them. These pictures gave me great ideas!

    • blerona123 says:

      Good luck Dina

    • Donna says:

      When me daughter was younger (now 17), I used to use all kinds of trim to add length to her pants. We got so many compliments. I also added fabric sometimes. Pretty little prints or funky colors. You can also add a touch to the pockets or even the belt loops. Good luck with your project!

  8. […] M & J Trimming shares a trio of tutorials for easy ways to embellish a scarf.  They show how to dress up a plain scarf with lace trim, with dangly coins, or with pom pom fringe.  Get the how-to. […]

  9. Taylor says:

    LOVE all of these! I really love the scarf you started with, did you make them? What kind of fabric is that?

  10. vcalibur says:

    Great idea for scarves. I love to make and sell them. I put some coins on my hats.

  11. Dianne Stilp says:

    Excellent ideas for dressing up a scarf.
    Thanks, I need to get busy and add to my collection

  12. Moda says:

    Thank you! Blerona

  13. Brenda says:

    I am going to make a scarf from some velvet and once saw how to use stamps to iron a design on the velvet but cannot remember the details on how to do this.

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