DIY Composite Bangle


By Roseann

Composite and collage jewelry have been a big hit thus far in 2010 and it seemingly will be around for some time to come.  Combining a variety of different elements into a piece gives you, the designer, a lot of freedom for expression and exploring personal style.  I happen to consider myself to be a bit on the bohemian side, so therefore, I’ve created a fun bracelet using a floral appliqué and some buttons to compliment a closet full of denim and prairie dresses.




    1. First remove the shanks from the back of your buttons.
    2. The sinamay flower is actually created by smaller flowers so pull it apart; you should be able to get 5 flowers from this one appliqué.
    3. Glue the smaller horn button a top the larger and top with crystal sew on.
    4. Glue the smaller wood star a top the larger and top with moonstone button.
    5. Arrange how you desire and glue using magna-tac.
    6. Allow your bangle to dry for at least 12 hours ideally 24 before wearing.

4 comments on “DIY Composite Bangle

  1. paislea says:

    love it. absolutely gorgeous ♥

  2. robin says:

    Just love this!!! I think I will try to make this on the weekend!!!
    Thanks for such great ideas!

  3. irene says:

    very kate hudson!!

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