Making your own Feather Accessories


By Milton


This summer, feathers made a come back.  People everywhere are wearing them to accessorize headbands, hair clips, necklaces, earrings, bags, hats, shoes and the list goes on.  The great thing about feathers is that you could get any look you want depending on your personality. You can go from a hipster look to a glamorous look with the right piece.

Feather patches are great if you want to make your own feather accessory. You would be surprised how easy it is to make headbands or jewelry with them. Here are 3 examples of how you could make your own Curly Goose Pad and Cameo Headband, Crystal and Feather Earrings, and Peacock Feather and Tooth Pendant Necklace.


Curly Goose Pad and Cameo Headband

– Headband
Curly Goose Pad
– Oval Coman Head Cameo
White 16mm Double FAce Satin Box Pleated
Glue Gun


  1. Apply some glue along the edge of the back of the Cameo.
  2. Glue the pleated ribbon following the oval shape.
  3. Apply some glue on the thin side of the feather patch and glue the cameo with the ribbon on top of it.
  4. Before gluing it on the headband, with the help of a mirror, find the perfect spot where you desire your feather piece. Glue to the headband and enjoy!


Crystal and Feather Earrings

– Earrings Hooks
– Jump Rings
Diamond Leaf Crystals
4″ Feather Pick with Loop


  1. Open your jump ring and insert one end of the crystal and the look of the feather pick.
  2. Before closing it insert the look of the earring hoop.
  3. Close your jump ring and enjoy!


Peacock Feather and Tooth Pendant Necklace

5.5″ Peacock Feather Pick with Loop
– Tooth Pendant with Cap


  1. Cut the chain depending on how long you want your necklace to be. I recommend to make it long enough so you can slide it in without putting a clasp on it.
  2.  Open the last link of the chain and insert the look of the pendant.
  3. Insert it to the last link in the other end of the chain and close it. This will be the center of your necklace.
  4. About 4 ” higher , open another link and insert the feather loop .
  5. Close the link and enjoy!

5 comments on “Making your own Feather Accessories

  1. Stancja says:

    Just make sure not to go overboard. Subtle little feather will look great. Ostentacious huge feather accesory will simply be in bad taste.

  2. Linda M. Frodesen says:

    Ideas look great! Feathers are too expensive.

    • Rebekah says:

      Try Hobby Lobby if you are not able to order from M&J Trimming for some reason. I recently got two feathers exactly like they use in the bottom necklace in the same pack for $1.95. M&J has some very nice things, though. The tooth they used in that neclace is $7.something- almost eight dollars. The good thing is that things like that retail for a lot more than they cost to make. For the chain, you are on your own, but most pieces cost around $20 to make & reatil for around $60.

      Keep up the great work M&J!

  3. There are very handy advices You write about! Thank You for that post, I’m gonna use You tips (or at least I’m gonna try to do it :) ). Thanks anyway.

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