Silk Flower-pin Sale!


The warm sun has finally arrived.  Therefore it’s time to box up those winter clothes and get ready for some summer fun.  This spring and summer expect to see more flowers on every corner.  Not only will you see those fresh roses and tulips on your neighbor’s garden, but expect to also see some fabric flower-pins on this season’s fashionable garments.  There’s no doubt that flower-pins are currently a popular must-have.  Whether you want to finish that runway piece you’re working on or simply want to embellish a garment you already have, you can now take advantage of M&J Trimming’s Flower-pin Sale!  Until June 17th, take 10% off all purchase of flower-pins on our website at  That includes the same flower Carrie used in her outfit in “Sex and the City” movie.  Happy shopping!

Take 10% OFF All Purchase of Flower-pins!

Sale Ends June 17th, 2008

11 comments on “Silk Flower-pin Sale!

  1. Bklyn says:

    You seem to have two different end dates for the sale: June 11 and June 17. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but which is it?

  2. Dara says:

    Hi. Sorry for the confusion. The end date for the sale is next week on the 17th. Happy shopping. ^_^

  3. MARY CAHEN says:

    I love the changes to the web site via my latest email. Thanks for the email. I now feel like a part of the “family”, even though I only am a web customer, so far. Next time in Manhattan, I will stop on by.

  4. Ms. J says:

    Is there a coupoun for the 10% off? Would like to order a few things but was not sure if the discount is automatically taken at the end. Thanks

  5. Dara says:

    Hi Ms. J. Sorry, but the silk flower pin sale already end. It end on June 17th, but keep checking back because we’re currently having some weekly sale.

  6. Aisha Zia says:

    I am looking for a big flower pin for my friend’s summer wedding dress, can you suggest where to find them.

  7. gwendolyn morris says:

    I looking for Silver shiny flower brooch/pin. Please advise if you sell the above.


    • Dara says:

      Yes, we do. Please give us a call at 1-800-9-MJTRIM. They aren’t online, but our customer service and scan a photo for you.

  8. Frugalnista says:

    Are you having a FLOWER PIN SALE This YEAR 2011???

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