Spring Peaches


By Kristin

Peach Palette

1. Satin Ribbon
2. Grosgrain Ribbon
3. Polka Dot Ribbon
4. Organza Ribbon
5. Hand dye silk ribbon
6. Double Face Silk Ribbon
7. Double Face Midori Satin Ribbon
8. Organza Ribbon With Satin Edge

Spring time is finally here and all the spring brides are putting the finishing touches on their weddings. While there are many popular colors year round, Spring seems to bring up thoughts of pastel colors. Peach is an excellent color for a spring wedding. Everything from your invitations, programs and favors can be decked out in this beautiful shade.

You could have a peach martini or desert to even tie the food into the color! Try wrapping the favors with delicate peach organdy ribbons and make your flower girl glow with a girly little peach satin bow in her hair. There are so many ways to incorporate this color into your big day, give it a try.

One comment on “Spring Peaches

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