From Old To New


By Milton



Every time I go shopping for something new, it becomes my favorite piece of clothing and I want to wear it over and over. Of course that only last until I go shopping again and I find something else. Then they all end up piling up in my closet and I forget about them.

With time I have discovered that with simple changes I can bring those forgotten pieces back to life and make them my favorites again. I’m sure this happens to many of you, and that’s why every week I’ll give you ideas on how to transform pieces that you already have and make them new again.

For my first blog I’ll show you one of my favorite technique to adding iron-on appliqués to my clothes. They are so simple to apply; it takes less than 5 minutes to transform any piece of garment. The first one I did for myself was a studs eagle appliqué on top of a gray t-shirt. Everyone loved it and asked me where I bough it from. I always get compliments about it.

I’m not a rhinestone person, but recently we had a shipment of new styles of iron-on appliqués and one of them was an all crystal dragon. It is really hot and the first thing I thought was it would look perfect on my black blazer. So I added it to my blazer and I love the way it looks. With over 200 styles of rhinestone & studded iron-on appliqué on our website, I’ve been redesigning a lot of my clothes. If you have good drawing skills you could also make your own design and then fill it with rhinestones and studs.

4 comments on “From Old To New

  1. wow! those are great ways to take our old pieces alive again!
    thnx for the tip, I have to buy more at mj trim you guys have such wonderful stuff.

  2. Susan says:

    WOW!!! How do I get that dragon? Can I get a lot of them?

  3. Milton says:

    There’s a lot of the dragon iron-on applique in stock at . Here’s the link for it In case that doesn’t work, it’s style number 40651.

  4. Natasha says:

    I have been to M&J, and think that what you have done to the displays is amazing, you gave me exelent ideas for my shoes and shirts. What an incledible talent that you have… keep giving us ideas, this is great….

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